Awesome sequences


Let’s share here beautiful sequences that we find in Mapillary!

Just copy paste an image URL and post here.

It is also a good idea to comment on the images on the site, so that authors knows you like their images.

Who is looking at these pictures?
Recommended workflow for re-uploading a sequence with better geotagging?

Here is an awesome sequence from Astypalaia by klaus


One of my favorites is from Iceland by morray. Beautiful landscape!


I really like the game of thrones one from Sevilla


Anything by tometome or jackdripper.



The entire sequence isn’t that good, but this encounter with some deers was nice:

This sequence next to world heritage of Visby isn’t too bad:
But even if I remember it was a bit bumpy in some places, I cannot recall being upside down :smile: The sensors in the phone must have been a bit confused.


I’ve just discovered this one from Richlv: - really nice.


This is a nice one to come in the right ‘winter mood’


That’s a good and funny idea!


A very nice sequence of the stone circle at Kåseberga, Sweden. Good job @sandra
It would be nice with some sequences around Stonhenge as well :slight_smile:


Thanks @Shlublu for taking us to Paris!


For the landscape :


Breathtaking @chivos


This is from my ski trip to Austria. A little jerky, but has some nice transitions:


Berlin Alexanderplatz from 2nd floor of bus M48: - there are more sequences like that.


Burning man


I mapped the president of Costa Rica :slight_smile: photo

Now I need to find the proper tag in the OSM wiki…


Nice sequences of the Dutch canals in Utrecht and Amersfoort by peewee32


Nice sequence in norway