Awesome sequences


I guess it has been shot with a 4 second interval. Which means that every picture has no siblings. A picture alone is as a ship without propulsion.
It might be beatiful, but I think it has little value to a computer.


I think you are unnecesarilynegativ. I don’t think the idea of mapillary is that every place on earth wll be documentet by just one sequence, but that the idea is, that many photos will follow over time which can give the picture the context you are looking for.
Second I don’t believe that the main goal is to create a 3d model of all the pictures made (even if it would be cool of course), but the main goal is to get pictures over the most part of the earth.
And then you can discuss if it is better with a large area with a few pictures, or a very small area overloaded with pictures.

I myself try to focus my shooting sequences to new tracks that were not documentet yet. In my opinion that is more usefull then mapping the same road over and over again


The overlap also serves to have a better location.


And that is important and usefull if you have a lot of images and you want to make a 3d or panorama model of it.
Which you can do when more images are available in an area.
If the images are less densily taken and you cannot connect the images, GPS location should be less critical, but the sequence can still be valuable for mapillary and its users.
So I still think you were to negative :slight_smile:


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I find that sentence hilarious!


The real question is = “Can mly make some money of it”. There are enough pretty pictures on the web, they need something more for applications we cannot imagine.


That is of course an interesting question, because how is mapillary planning ton make money?
I can see some different options and I can’t see how having less densily taken sequences can be a drawback for making money.
On the other hand is a very important factor in making money how much traffic they can attract to Mapillary. More traffic should increase Mapillarys marketvalue and also increase the number of contributors they get.
To get more traffic they need more coverage of the world, and there even less densily taken beautiful sequences count.

So YES Mapillary needs more pretty pictures and YES pretty pictures can make money.

So I still think you were to negative :slight_smile:


Chiming in here and also encouraging people to stay positive and on the topic of “Awesome sequences” - share great sequences and be happy!

There is value in all sequences, even if there is no overlap to create 3D and improve GPS and all that. Our goal is to help everyone visually map the world together. All steps in that direction are valuable contributions. If we generate useful data that’s great but not a requirement. I personally enjoyed watching that sequence and maybe we can 3D map the yellow van :wink:

Separate to that goal is for Mapillary (the company) to stay alive. Our business is to charge for commercial API access and to provide services like the recently launched ArcGIS integration. We do this to be able to provide, build and maintain Mapillary (the community and service) to everyone. But let me repeat again: Our goal is to help everyone visually map the world together.


Here is a beautiful fall image from Sweden


So I was too negative.


Yesterday the sun finally was back, so I toke the change to make some sequences and capture the beautiful autumncolors. This one I just have to share with you :smile:


Thanks for sharing Harry,
Nice autumn colors here as well:


Very nice! thanks for sharing


For sure! Beautiful!


nice google SUV


And thst means there will be a Mapillary car on google streetview soon :slight_smile:


Here another Streetview car :smile:


I would follow it all day by bike with a mapillary T-shirt and an action-cam :smiley:


You are just making us jealous :wink:
Congratulations with your third price by the way :beers:


Typically Dutch countryside: