Would such sequences be interesting/appropriate for Mapillary?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently attending a music festival (Rock en Seine), which happens to be in a park. This is a big event, something like 100 000 persons are attending for 3 days, so the park definitely doesn’t look like it uses to.

So I’m wondering: would sequences showing the park in that temporary state, crowded, with gigs everywhere, be interesting/appropriate for Mapillary or would that just be noise?

Should it be ok, don’t worry I’ll do the blurring (this is going to require some time).


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I asked me the same question for the Hellfest.

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done alreeady so with MeraLuna in Hildesheim on the airfield.
I see it as a special event that needs to be available online :wink:
But as that airfield is usually not in reach to make photos, I see it as a no problem


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Imho there should be special events on Mapillary - but it would be nice with a way to label them.

And what does Mapillary’s voice say, @Sandra?

Thanks for the tagging @Shlublu, did not see this so sorry for being a bit late on the reply. General rule is that we at Mapillary want to have all photos you want on a map and allow people to explore new places (as long as it is ok for the event organisers). So if you get excited about this we are very excited! Go for it!

Great idea with the labelling @tryl let us see what we can do with that.

@Sandra OK, let’s go :slight_smile: I’ll blur the artists’ faces and visible names and logos so I guess it will be fine. This is just a guess though, so should there be any issue later we’ll be led to hide some sequences. Any comment let me know!

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@Shlublu You can always ask artists. Smaller artists are usually okay with everything, while the large ones are not. But the worst thing that can happen if you ask is that they say no and blurring can fix that.

Yes, sounds… logical.

Well, I blurred everything I could. A second pass will be needed though as I missed some faces (I’ve seen that after). I’ll do that once this first pass will have been accepted.