A warm welcome to the Panoramio community

Over the past week we’ve had members of the Panoramio community coming to us asking how they can migrate to Mapillary as Panoramio closes down. You can read more about the migration post on our blog.
Contributors to Panoramio have taken breathtaking photos of the world and we’re happy to welcome them to the Mapillary community.

If you’re coming across from Panoramio, say hello and tell us why you love to take photos.

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I’m moving from http://www.panoramio.com/user/manuschwendener to https://www.mapillary.com/app/user/manuschwendener.

You are entering the realm of open data - the most understandable text about what that means for your photos seems to be at https://www.mapillary.com/legal.

Mapillary is missing some features that I’m using in Panoramio - but the team is reacting very fast and I’m confident that up to November 4 they will make huge steps in the right direction.

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@manuschwendener: Welcome to Mapillary (nice pictures :))

I have no experience with Panoramio, but the strong point with Mapillary is how you can use sequences to give your photos an extra dimension


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I’m also considering Mapillary as a replacement for Panoramio - having been there almost from the start and as a forum mod (www.panoramio.com/user/1295)

I think I might need to review my own photo ‘policies’ to get the most out of / contribute the most to the site though.

Looking forward to seeing some of my Panoramio shots up here - once the take-out is downloaded.



Hello Mathew

[…] the servers have been slow for some hours, first time since I started migrating about a week ago.

Kind regards : )

Yes, I noticed the performance - I had the same yesterday, assumed it was in part due to my slow connection.

So, are things back to normal, and @mjwalters have you uploaded the photos yet?

Speed ok here now, thank you.

Hello Peter, I cannot comment on the speed at the moment - I’m on 3G on my iPad so that would be a bit unfair. I’ve just restarted the takeout, so will hopefully have some photos shortly.

I wanted to upload my panoramio collection to mapillary.
Automatic transfer from panoramio is not suitable for me (lot of aerial photos, which are not accepted by mapillary and some of better quality photos, which i dont want to make public under license terms of mapillary).
I tried the manual uploader, but this uploader is making a sequence from all photos uploaded in one queue. So it’s making long direct lines on the map, because of long distance (more than 1000km sometimes) between photos. This is not acceptable for me and i stopped my contribution for now.
So you need to somehow upgrade this for people uploading standalone pictures of the world and even provide a map of users photos/pins (like it was on the most important feature of panoramio).

need to somehow upgrade this for people uploading standalone pictures of the world

I agree. My wishlist: http://forum.mapillary.com/t/missing-features-coming-from-panoramio

And a thread about wrong sequences and the wish to be able to split them manually if it necessary: http://forum.mapillary.com/t/how-to-break-an-existing-sequence-into-2-separate-sequences

Manual splitting for 100 standalone pictures is OK only in case that option “split everything” is available in uploader. And in this case, a system of displaying those “spots” on the map should be implemented. Because current system supports only sequences. And short sequencies are almost unable to find on the map due to the small resolution of the line

@pavolg and @manuschwendener - thanks for your input! We’ll try to find the best solution, but as a short-term fix if you have some specific sequences that bother you, please provide links to the first image (or the sequence key) and we’ll split them manually with a shorter threshold.

It’s probably better to use the other thread for these requests - How to break an existing sequence into 2 separate sequences? - since the topic is more specific. Thanks!

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It looks like that my long lines uploads are now cleaned by automatic cleanup. And now I’m unable to see places of my photos in most zooms of the map, because there are only tiny dots/points.
And a problem with compass direction set to 0 for manualy uploaded photos is still present. 99,999% of them have not direction to north :wink:

Warm welcome is perfect, but functionality and preparation for all those photos is currently not so good :frowning: Sorry…

@pavolg, good that the autosplit is working for you. We are working out a solution to make uploads more noticeable on the map even if they are short sequences or single images.

As for compass angles, you have a point. I need to investigate that a bit. Meanwhile, if you’d like to fix them for your photos, you can do that through the editor on the web (access it through the three dots (…) icon on the right).

This feedback you and others on this thread have given us is really useful - thank you all!

compass angles … you can do that through the editor on the web

I’d like to do that, but by rotating the angle with my cursor (like drag & drop,but without changing the position of the photo).

@manuschwendener, it works through setting a numeric value to the compass angle.

Yes - but that’s too much work for me. I’ll correct them when the interface makes it easy for me.