Missing features, coming from Panoramio


I’m migrating from http://www.panoramio.com/user/manuschwendener to https://www.mapillary.com/app/user/manuschwendener because what Google offers as a replacement for Panoramio isn’t enough for me.

At the moment Mapillary is not a 1:1 replacement of what I use Panoramio for - but it’s the only one I found that comes anywhere close. Seeing how fast the team reacted until now I have high hopes that we’ll get there.

These are the features that I miss most:

  • a profile/gallery page where I can see all my photos together [= most important]

  • a way to show the title of my photos

  • a field for explanations about my photos, including links to external URLs

  • a MUCH easier way to geolocate my pictures when I upload them via desktop

  • a much easier way to correct the direction of my photos (on desktop)

  • a much easier way to link to single photos

  • tags (to be able to link to certain of my pictures as a group)

Some of the things I hope will be introduced are already logged in other threads in this forum or as a github issue.

Edit: tryl working on a browser (code on github) Browsing for photos


Hi, I also migrated. And got a new hobby.

I have a problem with the import process. For many years, I did upload my pictures to Panoramio using a camera WITHOUT gps and compas, and added gps manually. During the import within Mapillary all these pictures have received a compass heading North, 0 degrees, but it should be NULL or ‘unknown’ or something. Is it possible to remove a wrong heading of 0 in case it was just unkown? Because It is too much work to correct 1000s pictures compas heading manually…

And apart from the missing features-list as indicated by manuschwendener, I do miss the possibility to move the gps coordinates easilly up to 20 meters or so.


compass … should be … ‘unknown’ or something.

That would work for my pictures, too.

(Although I could change the orientation manually if there was an easy way to do so in the browser interface.)