Photo titles in the EXIF data / Photo titles in Mapillary

At present I’m busy with downloading my own Panoramio photos from the Russian ‘’ website. The owner has beautifully collected all the relevant Panoramio information of each photo into the EXIF data, which makes it very easy to upload those photos into Mapillary. Now my question: does Mapillary save that ‘enriched’ EXIF data which also contains the original photo title + tags or not? It would be a pity if all info is erased. In my Panoramio photo titles the name of the place, the streetname and the compass view are written. Perhaps in the future that can be useful. Anyhow, I would love to be able to add / to edit photo titles of direct Mapillary photos…

Mapillary stores the original and completely unaltered image. But they do not make that copy public.

In the public photos Mapillary strips all exif data, probably to save space. See that I knows had all the usual stuff when uploaded.

My general advice is always to save copies of all of your Mapillary images. Mapillary does not allow for a download of the original image (only a low resolution version with logo) and due to their terms they may change to a more closed license than Creative Commons, even for the images you have already uploaded.

After linking my Panoramio to Google + my Panoramio Page Photos (of over 150000) do not show the EXIF data as a result I am unable to import them to Mapillary.
I will have to re-upload them from my archives and remap them wherever there is no GPS data.
It is difficult to map the photos without the co-ordinates as the Mapillary Map does not show the satellite imagery as in Google Earth.
Is it available in Mapillary.

The Russian Getpanoramio website is slowly progressing with acquiring the necessary EXIF data from Panoramio photos. I would recommend anyone with Panoramio photos to register.