Uploader: let me enter coordinates (copy & paste)

Only some of the photos I exported from Panoramio got mapped automatically when uploading to Mapillary. That’s mainly a problem of the Google export, but this would really help me:

When mapping photos manually, please let me overwrite the coordinates in the Lat and Long field. I would then copy&paste from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/108701418, so the easiest would be to allow me to enter 55° 40’ 21.82" N 12° 35’ 38.49" E (even easier: if I could paste it into one field - but I understand if that’s not possible).

If I click ‘change position’ in Panoramio, I can see the coordinates in the format 55°40′22″N 12°35′38″E - but it’s an additional step and not as easy to copy.

Have you tried Geosetter http://www.geosetter.de/en to update you gps data in the EXIF part?


Too lazy to use a third interface :wink:

I understand I am also lazy, but on the otherhand the program does exactly that you asked for, so it is worth a try

I don’t work with Windows.

But I found a workaround for Mac https://www.tekrevue.com/tip/add-location-photos-mac.
Here I can paste the coordinates that I copy from Panoramio.

I’d still prefer to do it during the upload to Mapillary, as that is when I see which photos are missing the coordinates.

Interestingly, when I opened the photos (exported from Panoramio) that Mapillary couldn’t place on the map in Photos, many of them did have coordinates. So for them it was enough to import them to Photo and export them with ‘Include: Location information’ checked.