Mapillary indoor?

Hi, is it possible to use Mapillary in indoor where there isn’t gps signal?

Yes, you can add the exif gps tag afterwards in Geosetter and do an manual upload.

Hi, thank you for the reply, only a question: I’ve to set the exit gps tags for only a photo or for all of a same sequence? In other words, if I set the right gps coordinate for a photo in example for the first, after that all the other 1000 photos of that sequence will be in the right place on the map?

Bye, Mirco


you need to set the EXIF for each photo, Mapillary takes the exif from each foto to place it in the map.


Thank you. Not a good way for a hundred of photo.

Bye, Mirco

not necessarily :smile:
Just take a look att the Geosetter website
It is a free program that can add location to the EXIF info.
Or you can combine it with a gpx file (if you could build a gpx file with a few points and let the program interpolate between the points)
or you can move the photos on a map untill you are satisfied


we here at work do have the same issue currently: usually the OpenSFM does have the function to register the picture relative to each others, it just needs a anchor iamge and a scale factor, and the positions of all other pictures in the sequence are set.
But it is not yet done…


Yeesss! Simply perfectly what i need! Nice job.
Thank you.

I stay tuned.