Upload images without GPS track

I have taken 5 images inside a multi-storey parking lot.
I can’t upload this short sequence, because there is no GPS track. Since I plan to take some more images in unerground parking areas, I need that again. And since all 5 images were taken in the same spot, it is not like I couldn’t add them manually one by one.

Is there any option to add the GPS location if you werent able to get a signal in the first place?


I use gps geotagger for that

There are many tools, including GUIs where you add the location to one image at the time. I use this one for single images: http://geotag.sourceforge.net/
But if you can create a gpx track you can use the mapillary tools https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_tools to do it.

Have you tried the web site uploader? For awhile it’s flagged images that were missing Long / Lat and let users manually choose the location of that image for the upload.

I use GeoSetter for that

After some heavy work time, I had time to care about this issue.

What I did was that I moved the images from my smartphone to my PC.
For everybody with the same problem: The images were located in <INTERNAL STORAGE>\Android\data\app.mapillary\files\mapillary\CAMERA2_0<DATE AND TIME STAMP>

There you can find all images and a gpx file which stores the GPS information. I though about capturing a second set of images and just replaing the GPS coordinates.

Because the set is only 5 images, I used the web uploader instead (https://www.mapillary.com/uploader).
I had to place every image one by one and wait until the images were processed so that I was able to adjust the view angle.

But after all it did work :slight_smile:

How did you manage to take pictures with the mapillary app without gps signal?
But yes, you were suggested to use the web uploader, and it’s usable if you only have a handful of photos

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t noticed that there was one.

Taking images with no GPS is actually pretty easy: At the top right in the capture mode there is a pretty dark slider with a capital “A” on it. If you click on it it becomes a capital “M”. Now you are in manual mode and can take as much images as you like even without a propper GPS signal.

I think you have to close the sequence once you are done taking photos (outwards arrow on the bottom right starts a new sequence and saves the old one)

huh, that’s interesting, are you using android?
because on ios, regardless of whether I am in manual or auto mode, it prevents me from taking pictures with gps status red