GPS location correction

Hi, seems like my gps phone, hasn’t enought good coordinates and put the photos in the middle of the buildings.

Is this precision OK for the Mapillary purpose or I have to coorect the images location in any way?
Thanks in advance for your support,

Dear Norman,

To answer your question initially looked for ‘green dots’ by accounts with u/name ‘norman’ etc , as it helps to view the affected pics : found none using the filter option on

First : there will always be some error in GPS location - even if the ‘error’ value indicates just two or three metres your track may be more like 12 of 15m off (for example caused by reflections of the signal off buildings along even a shallow ‘urban canyon’ streets, thus there’ll always be some error in placing pics ; that error will be both sideways and in the direction of travel , and the size of the error will vary throughout a session - for example increasing error under trees. .

Looking at the map fragment you shared : the solid green dots appear on the roadway, may be correctly placed ; looking at the ‘hollow-dot’ trail along the top: it would be clear from looking at the photos whether those were taken along the cycle track or on the roadway ; the alignment along what looks like a roundabout shows the effect of the GPS relying on ‘dead-reckoning’ from any number of previous determined positions to ‘improve accuracy’ ; which leaves the two ‘hollow-dot’ trails along the bottom : the one near the road would be obvious when viewing the pics, as would the one which cuts the corner and seems to pass behind the building.

That was a longwinded and merely personal opinion ; if you were to wish to adjust the position of that last ‘way-out’ track : I had a similar question some weeks ago, received two suggestions, which are in a small thread with the long-winded title Drag&drop to adjust geo-location? [Leaning towards the JOSM solution - once upload to Mpy works ; other two good alternatives] - #6 by koninklijke .

My personal and limited experience :
1/ if you’re able to work out where nodes in the GPS track ought to be - both time-wise and almost exact spot - @drivephotograph 's suggestion GPX Editor and Viewer (GPXEV) allows to simplify the track , drag/drop nodes then save and use to geotag your pics.
2/ to drag/drop a few dozen individual photos both @Gitne 's suggestion to use JOSM with the photoadjust and photo_geotagging plugins , and drivephotograph 's geosetter - with practice! - will produce excellent results, where - having tried both a couple of times - my preference tilts towards JOSM : based on the far more recent aerial imagery available for my part of Flanders, plus access to the official government map showing every kerb, lamppost and gully, which greatly helps in placing.

The above is of course no more than a personal opinion; with a bit of luck this reply will elicit responses and at some point your question will in effect be answered.

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’),

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Judging by the example you provided, your GPS accuracy seems to be more than good enough. As @koninklijke has already said, with modern smartphones (which have extremely sensitive antennas, finest signal strengh sensors, and combine positioning data from multiple satellite constellations) you basically only have to give finishing touches to GPS positions in urban canyons, tunnels, and underpasses etc. And, when using 5G positioning, you do not even have to worry about that either. Well, at least to some reasonable extent, of course.

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I’m gratefull for your responses.
Indeed, all the traces in the photo, ara mine. I’ve taken several passes with the car.
Basically, because I’m the only one in my zone who upload to Mapillary and I want to well photo all my city (Amposta).
I feel calmer with your expertise opinions, thanks!
All the photos are taken with Samsung A32 5G, but 5G here means nothing (yet).
I’ll keep mapping all my streets several times and updating my town.
Warm regads,