Mapillary, you frustrate me

Hey-ho. Dear and very much respected Mapillary team, wozabout returning to a public bugtracker and feature request tracker?

Contributing to Mapillary for the past few months is getting moar and moar frustrating, mostly because there is no means to properly report problems to all you wonderful people.

So we have random threads in the forum that nobody notices, or responds to (one might think the latter is a consequence of the former one). As a result, the methods to give you images get worse, and even with my zealous desire to capture useful imagery, in the past few weeks I have said “FUCK THAT”, and closed the Mapillary app - because 3 near-crashes in a day while trying to restart the constantly dying app are about my threshold[1].

What did that american say, give me an open issue tracker, or give me constant rants. Or no images collected, was it? I might misquote them, memory getting bad with all the waking up to restart the Mapillary app to resume the upload.

[1] I lied. Haha. It’s actualluy 5 near-crashes.


Breath in, breath out.

Tomorrow an all new day :slight_smile:


Hey @Richlv, I hear you and get the frustration. I’m in the process of trying to get things a bit more organized when it comes to reporting bugs and requesting features. The change to the new format was an attempt to help speed up the process to let the devs focus on fixing the bugs I bring to their attention through – but the way it’s stood now can still be improved, I agree.

My main goal this quarter is to get things running better for all of you, as well as our devs, in regards to getting information to/from the team, making them aware of the biggest things being asked for or reported, and help set tiers for what needs immediate attention or not.

For now, I will do everything I can to make the current method (reporting to Support ) clean, quick, and informative. Once I get this set up I will let everyone here in the forum aware to test it out and give me feedback to improve. This will also free up time to be more involved here in the forum, which I’m really eager to do. You guys are an amazing community and I wish I had more hours in the day to respond to everyone. Soon!

Until then, I’ll do my best to keep dispatching and monitoring the progress of these issues. :v:


eesger, harr, quite :slight_smile:
It crashes less if I take less images. If I take less images, I have a bit more time to do OSM mapping - so there’s always a workaround.

Brenna, hi there and thank you for the response - and thank you for all the good work to improve the situation.
For me, lack of an open issue tracker is worse than the actual bugs. Unfortunately, that cannot be fixed with a forum, unless you start using forum as a low quality issue tracker.

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