Asking users to email bug reports instead of posting them here seems like a bit of a nonsense recommendation

It is pretty standard that other people might have the same issue and/or have a good workaround in the mean time. It would also prevent people from creating the same bug report several times because they can’t see any of the others.


Yep, wish they were more open about that stuff. I know a couple Mapillary staff check this forum, but barely respond. Would be nice to have either a public bugtracker, or be able to report bugs via the forum (with active staff response)


There are definitely many benefits to a public bug tracker. We used to have Github issues which we would respond to, but it became inefficient for engineers and better if they spent more time building/addressing issues rather than responding to the tickets.

In recent years we have been using Zendesk because it’s a helpful tool to capture the many inbound emails that come in. It makes it easier to track ongoing issues and respond to them. There is definitely a price to be paid by losing openness though.

I’ll discuss with the team. One option might be to become more active in the forum. To date we have tried to avoid this becoming an issue tracking board, but there might be a middle ground here we responses are given here to complement Zendesk.


Although an open bug tracker is not a solution by itself (I had bugs for OpenOffice being opened for more a decade), I’m still thinking it could be a good method because of collaborative aspect. Users can see that other users are facing same or similar issues, and may, by interaction between them, better characterize issues.

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Hope we’ll movement in this direction in the near future.

Also: now that Mapillary is owned by Meta, wouldn’t it be possible exert some of that ‘Meta’ strength on other companies?
For example: GOPRO. Their camera’s are brilliant, but the couple things they’re lacking for Mapillary usecase are pretty annoying. To name one already is that they don’t save the gopro’s gyro sensor data in the image exif data. That way, 360 imagery from a Fusion or Max can’t be horizon leveled and ends up being tilted often in Mapillary. We know they can capture that data, because they use it in other camera modes. They just need to write a little bit of code to also export that data when each photo is taken in the timelapse photo mode.

I hope someone at Mapillary (under the Meta umbrella) can make Gopro finally fix this problem.
(we’d also like 1 second interval timelapse photo mode on the Max, but this might be a hardware limitation (I don’t think so, but who knows))


thanks my issue has been fixed.