Where should bugs be reported now?

So Mapillary is taking down the GitHub issue tracker, a tool specifically designed for reporting and tracking bugs.

In comments on GitHub, they are pointing to the forum for reporting issues.

However, in the forum it says to report issues by e-mail.

Where should I report bugs?

If you want to be sure someone at Mapillary sees the bugreport, you should send an e-mail. But I suggest you post it in the forum, and also by e-mail with a link to your forum post. In that way we have all the advantages of a public bug tracker and Mapillary will be notified for sure.

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Hey @pbb@tryl is correct here in saying to email in. We’re trying out this method of reporting to get answers quicker and to start tracking things that may have trends/similarities. However if you feel like sharing to the forum as well, definitely let us know in your email so we can look and see if other users who haven’t emailed in are also reporting the similar thing in response. I hope this helps!

The closing of the public bugtracker is one of the most demotivating things with Mapillary lately - topping the insanely frequent crashes of the app lately. Notice how even in this thread no mention is given to where should bugs be reported.

Don’t get me wrong, gals and guys at Mapillary - you are doing a wonderful work, and we all love you.
But closing of the issue tracker is one damn harmful thing to do.


They have a magnificent test system. It is a wonder how bugs get through.
Well, I once noticed a senior reengineering developer with 0 uploads.

+1 indeed !

Just and FYI that the support email has apparently changed: support@mapillary.zendesk.com

Hopefully it saves someone an email bounce back.