Why poor support?

Guys, are you tired of the project? So please tell honestly: “we don’t give sh*t about your problems”. You post to the forum, you comment on Twitter, you write to support to rare or no effect. Clarify the situation at least.

The new apps are so buggy and worse than the old ones, and it seems nobody cares apart from the users.

If you’re no longer interested in the project and the contributors, be honest. We will look for something else.



And it is a complete nonsense and a cut-off for me that I can no longer upload the photos via the web interface

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I know it was kinda going down hill prior to the FaceBook acquisition but yeah it’s gone to crap real quick. Obviously FB is prioritizing what’s what for Mapillary but gawd it’s rough as a peeps on who is doing all the leg work of taking all the pictures for them to process.

It’s down to the bottom line guys. The bummer is there’s not much else out there (that I’ve found) that’s even remotely “this” good.

We’ll never hear a legit reply from mgmt here, just ain’t gonna happen. Either we keep uploading or walk, they really don’t care.

I’ve switched to using Kartaview to contribute to OSM, but the app is owned by Grab, so not sure now who is better, Facebook or another private company like Grab.

Although it lacks many features of the Mapillary app that I’m used to, but at least, their app works and that’s good enough for me, for now.

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Common guys, what is the issue?? Everything seems normal to me. they took Zuckerburgs money, and now facebook turns it to a useless closed app that only serves their purpose. I received a reply from their support last week to an email I sent two months ago.

Also you wont be able to access local images anymore, you must upload them to mapillary.

FU Zuck!!

If you have bugs or feature requests, we are actively listening. We have a hard working team that puts a lot of time and thought into making things work. Please note we released the Linux uploader today, have been adding new features to the API v4, have kept OSM integrations up to date, make frequent bug fixes to the app, and are very much interested in your feedback.

Many of us both actively use Mapillary and have been major contributors, as well as working on the project day to day, so we understand the user perspective and advocate often for what needs to be improved and fixed.

Some things may not change, for example a web uploader coming back, because time and energy is best concentrated on making other parts stable and excellent–that’s our goal.

If the app isn’t working, drop us a line: support at mapillary dot zendesk dot com.