Free Mapillary Car Mount

In the Mapillary app, it says on the achievement that level 1 gets you a free car or bike mount. I am currently interested on the mount as I don’t have a mount for contributing in the car and I hold my phone in the passenger seat. I searched & scroll through old forums about free mount but the links are down. I emailed support but haven’t gotten any response yet in almost a week. I also tried sending a feedback on the website as well. Am I missing something? I am currently level 2 @mapsaddict.

since facebook takeover the support and contact with developers is really hard. They are unresponsive and even serious problem like 20-30% of the sequences randomly not appearing on the map got their attention after half year of signalling…
All old bonuses and prizes like free mounts no longer exists but as app is not updated frequently so you still get the old message.
Im wondering if it leads to some big change soon, but if not…we are going slowly down :slight_smile: and only real crazy entusiasts will stay here


Unfortunately we had to shut this down last year. We hope to get some form of Mapillary shop up and running again later this year, but starting with the Camera Grant Program first.

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I had the same doubts as soon as I started to contribute more actively. In a way I imagined that everything would be better than what I have verified. Capturing and sending the images takes some work, but it is part of the desire to improve the maps. I also imagined that the service would have similar or better coverage than Google Street View in relation to the presence of more recent images. Unfortunately, the 360 ​​° capture equipment is not accessible, which leads to much lower coverage when compared to ordinary images. As I am new here, I am currently at L5, I also miss a greater connection between the community and a lack of events that help us to understand what is happening. I hope that good news will come to my knowledge so that I feel that there is someone who cares about us and is worth it.

Alan Tiago Felipe
(Brasília, Brazil)