Any one considering or have moved away from Mapillary to OSM or some other mapping service?

Since the sale of Mapillary to Facebook, the support from the app and web developers have appeared to have stopped. I’m seeing so many issues on so many fronts and it’s quite depressing to see.

I used to love supporting Mapillary as the Devs used to fix issues I reported quickly and the process of uploading have always worked. Now this is not so. It’s a shame as I’m now ranked 6th in the UK, 2nd in Lebanon and Myanmar and it took a lot of my time and effort to capture and upload images over the last 4 years.

Now I’m considering moving to some other platform. Is the OSM the only other place we can contribute? What are the issues and problems of contributing to that platform? Are the apps and the uploading process as easy as it used to be on Mapillary of days gone b?




I’ve heard on Slack that the Mapillary developers are concentrating on the new API and architecture. Things may be slow for a month or 2 as things are migrated.

KartaView is the only alternative. I upload to both but haven’t looked recently to see if the KartaView processing is faster.