No uploads from me untill

Who else is waiting for more info from Mapillary/FB on their plans, conditions, terms etc. before future uploads?

Like many of us I was unpleasantly surprised FB took over Mapillary. I am not a fan of FB but if terms are OK I see no harm in continuing. On the other hand … FB has a bad track record of promises made. So…no more uploads from me until I have a better understanding of the plans FB has with this platform. How about you?


I just continue but even before the advent of FB I felt we were being used als useful idiots.


On the other hand I always thought that Mapillary was too good to be true.

I guess I was naive but on the other hand… you never know how much all this cost and how much money they make from this business. But as Mapillary leaned much on OSM contributors they could not be surprised there was a lot of commotion when they were taken over by FB. Maybe forced by investors but … that is all speculation. As long as there is no proper info from Mapillary we are left to speculation on both past and future.


I’m quite busy with my regular work now, so my “Geo project” is on pause for me now. Also the taking images part.

I will pick that up as soon as I can find the time somewhere… but to be honest I am not going to publish for now… I am waiting on more information… hoping (in vain?) it will alleviate my privacy concerns…

I have the same concern (and many un-uploaded images)
I know that the only thing that really changed is that everyone can use everything, even for commercial purposes. But that’s not a small change in my book.
I’ll probably start to upload everything to openstreetcam instead.

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I’m doing the same. Will probably move over to OpenStreetCam IMO.