Alternative app for taking pictures

Hi everybody,
I contribute to Mapillary occasionally, since a couple years now.

I noticed the App is unstable from day 1; it crashes, it hangs and what not :frowning:
Still I like contributing, so I’m considering to use another app for the specific task of taking pictures on the go, I would upload them with the web UI as usual.

Would anyone suggest a specific Android app for this task only? It doesn’t need to be a fancy, do it all app. It has to take timed snapshot as the Mapillary app does, with timestamps and coordinates.


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Hey Roberto, what’s going on with the app? What phone/app version are you using?

Samsung Galaxy J7
Android 8.1.0
Mapillary 3.147

Mapillary freezes randomly, especially when recording for a long (with “long” I mean >= 10min) time; the phone does not seem to overheat though. It freezes, showing what the camera last recorded and Mapillary’s UI does nothing more :frowning:
I have to force/close the app and start it again.

I had other inconveniences with previous phone/app in the past too.

Since I really use it only for taking the pictures I will later upload to, I am considering using another more stable/robust app which does the same (and maybe that only): taking timed geotagged shots.

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Sorry to hear this. I’d still like to get this info over to the devs to look into-- could you email over the log file to so they can look it over? Also, how often are you uploading your images? Do you have a large amount pending upload?

Ok, I will. Next time it happens (it does almost always, with varying crash/freeze/blank_screen combinations) I will note down what happened and will send the log.
I suppose I have to activate the “Save debug logs to file” item under “Developer” first, right?

I do that occasionally, it maybe be every day or after a month. I wouldn’t say I have a “large amount” pending.

Just to be clear, the problem is not related to the upload phase of the process, I do that on my PC later on and it runs smoothly. It’s the app freezing (or showing a black screen instead of what the camera should see; or else …) while taking pictures on the road.

Are you a dev?

You can try OpenCamera :
It was the app I used before I bought some action cameras.

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I’ll give it a try :+1:

@roberto.inzerillo I handle the support channel and help with gathering issues like what you’ve described for the devs to look into. The devs occasionally will come into the forum, however the best method to submit issues like this to for us to track. You can also post here in the forum in conjunction with that to see if other users have any feedback or possible solutions or things to add, but this way allows the devs approach issues like these alongside the projects they are actively working on. Thanks!

There are lots of photo editor apps on top1apk. Take a look and you can get some for free.

in google store also a lot of such app, but I think it will be usseful to prepare a some list of such apps

I did. The app is cool. No success though :frowning:
It works, of course, takes geotagged picture sequences … right … but the the geotagging is not that usefull for mapillary :frowning:

When I prepare the upload with Mapillary Uploader (before actually uploading the file sequence) it looks like this :

It looks like OpenCamera doesn’t filter the GPS data before saving it into the file. Is this a thing?
Or does OpenCamera round GPS data a bit, hence loosing resolution?

OpenCamera doesn’t modify the GPS coordinate.
I remember that when I was taking images manualy, and to prevent GPS standby, I was recording a gpx trace with OsmTracker.

Good job, congrats!

I’m investigating a bit what OpenCamera does …

Using ExifTool on an OpenCamera shot I get this:
GPS Latitude : ** deg 6’ 28.00" N
GPS Longitude : ** deg 20’ 10.00" E
GPS Position : ** deg 6’ 28.00" N, ** deg 20’ 10.00" E

A Mapillary shot looks like this:
GPS Latitude : ** deg 6’ 24.30" N
GPS Longitude : ** deg 20’ 9.20" E
GPS Position : ** deg 6’ 24.30" N, ** deg 20’ 9.20" E
GPS Latitude : ** deg 6’ 25.16" N
GPS Longitude : ** deg 20’ 8.95" E
GPS Position : ** deg 6’ 25.16" N, ** deg 20’ 8.95" E

(n.b. I subd deg values with ** for privacy)

Sooo … it seems OpenCamera does not store any decimal value :frowning:
hence the loss in resolution.

Of course there are. But I’m not going to test them all!!! That’s why I ask here for suggestions. Each app has its pros/cons. I already tested a few (and will be testing more), but none of them was quite right for the specific task.

Strange, I didn’t have this problem :

You should open a ticket:

BTW: If I choose OpenCamera, it’s because 5 years ago, it was the only one app which store the compass value.

I see. Nice to know.