Mapillary Community in UK


Hi everyone! I found it weird that there were no pages for UK created so here it is! Anyone in London to talk to?!


I occasionally pop down to London, used to live there. I’m based up in Ipswich up in Suffolk.


G’day UK!

I wanted to bring your attention to an awesome initiative set up by Rob Nickerson.

OSM UK members now have access an LG 360 which they are able to rent for a very small fee that helps cover the cost of the program.


Read more about it here


Hi all
I’m a fairly new user of Mapillary and I’m based in Warwickshire. Are there any Mapillary users out there that’s also based close to where I am?


Hiya, yes. I’m also Warwickshire based.


That’s good to know. :slight_smile:

Just checked out your tracks on Mapillary. I noticed they’re mainly walking tracks in very interesting parts of the country. Can I ask what phone/action cam do you use and how you mount in on your body or was it hand-held?

All my images so far have been captured while driving and I want to start capturing walking/hiking routes. I have a Yi action cam with a clip that I can attach to the strap of my shoulder bag, allowing my hands free and less intrusive than if I have a camera/phone on a stick hand-held.


Thanks! I tend to capture in one of two ways. Either holding my iPhone 6s in my right hand, or with a monopod when using my 360° camera.

The monopod rig is with the misphere camera at the top, then I have a clamp and a phone holder attached halfway down the monopod, with my phone in it. I carry the monopod, with the phone about face height.

I mostly do this as the phone gives much higher detail than the 360. It also has better GPS that I scrape from the photos and then use for the 360° images after they’re stitched.

I’m looking to make it a bit more hands free, but the gyro in the 360 can be overly sensitive, and I can’t be bothered with adjusting the horizon on hundred or thousands of photos.