EU camera grant project

In case you missed it in the OSM weekly or the Mapillary blog, I’d like to point out that we at OpenStreetMap Belgium and the folks here at Meta are working together to distribute 20 GoPro Max 360 cameras across Europe. More info at European camera grant project - OpenStreetMap Belgium (available in Dutch & French as well). We’re still open for registrations!

BTW, there’s a similar project happening in the US, see Announcing the Mapillary Camera Grant Program | OpenStreetMap US


Thank you for highlighting this @joostjakob and thank you to the good folks at OSM Belgium for leading this.

This is a great opportunity for folks to get a GoPro Max 360 - excited to see all the captures across Europe!

Ah good to know. Because one week ago it form didn’t seem to work. So I thought you got many applications.

Nope still open for applications! I had some issues with my google drive recently, maybe that is why the form was down for a bit.