Mapillary Camera Grant Program has launched

Camera Grant Program
Mapillary has launched a new Camera Grant Program :camera_with_flash:. We’ve been providing cameras since the early days, but this program has been established to enable more people to collect imagery. Each month we’ll select 5 applicants and provide a camera that meets the capture needs stated in their application. The devices available handle a variety of use cases and will be yours to keep. This photo shows the GoPro Hero 7 setup for cars.

“Only 5?” some are saying. We’re starting with 5 to see how well this program is received and if the cameras are used as extensively as we are hoping. If they are, then it makes sense for us to ramp this up and distribute more devices. If you apply and miss out one month, don’t worry, we’ll keep your application on file and consider you for a camera next month.

As always, we’re excited to see the different ways you’ll put these cameras to the test and many places you’ll take them.

Find out the eligibility requirements and how you can apply here:

Note that a minimum of 50,000 images is required for consideration.


How about 360° cameras? They are much better in capturing your surroundings than a regular camera. Unfortunately I have lots of issues with my Insta360 one, so I’ll apply :wink:


The only 360º camera we are recommending is the GoPro Fusion at the moment. The reason this isn’t included at the moment is:

  1. It requires a bit more effort to setup and to use over extended periods of time.
  2. It is quite pricey.

It is a good suggestion though, so I think we can revise this in the context of the success or otherwise with camera grant performance over the next few months.

I love the 360 cameras. But for just getting some data for object / sign identification, it’s hard to justify $500 instead of a $100. And, as pointed out, the 360 stuff still isn’t the easiest to work with. It’s far, far from plug and play.


When it comes to 360 cameras that stitch in camera, I cannot see how they are more difficult to use than an action camera. Many are even approved for Google Streetview. Unfortunately their capture speed is often only good for walking.

Personally I use the Xiaomi Mi Sphere, but without in camera stitching. It gives fast captures and the Android app Mi Sphere Converter does an exceptionel job stitching. When used right this camera delivers great pictures. That is where it takes more effort when you have a lot of images. I run Android x86 in a VM to get it working for large amounts of images.

And here in Russia we have new customs rules for the design of parcels. I’ll post the necessary information later.
Alas, ignorance of them can deliver frustration to both the sender and the recipient.ителю, так и получателю.

Recently, I was expecting a parcel to arrive, because it did not reach these customs rules.
Sorry my english.

Stitching is still a limitation with the GoPro Fusion as it requires a powerful computer and considerable time to stitch large numbers of high-res 360º images. We are working on methods to make this easier for the uploader.

We want to spend more time with the camera though before we start sending it out. I do think a 360º camera requires a bit more though in the mounting setup.

Stay tuned on this front. It makes sense to have a 360º cam option in the Camera Grant program at some stage.

@man_from_barnaul not sure what I am meant to do with this information.

Maybe someone from Russia will decide to apply for participation. Therefore, before sending a camera, it is worth contacting the participant to obtain the above information.
The questionnaire lacks many customs points.
Thank you for your attention, I hope for understanding.

Ok thanks! I will let the team know before anything gets sent to Russia.

I have added more information on the camera grant program here:

What is the magnetic mount you send out? I can buy my equipment myself, but when it comes to car mounting I would like a trusted magnetic mount.

I drive different trucks. The dashcam should be easy to mount and dismount with a sucker and have a bit of autonomy.
I often do not have time for a smartphone and I often need the smartphone.

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Only five a month ! That is not serious. The people at Telenav must have a good laugh.

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“Rememeber that a good reputation is easier lost than acquired.”
– filipc (2018-10-13)

This is the one:


@filipc as mentioned, it is just ramping up. My hope is that we are sending many more of these one day, but that is all dependent on how much they are used.

Complete transparency here: if people contribute a lot of imagery with the cameras, we’ll ramp this up. If they sit gathering dust on a shelf, we’ll look at other ways to support the community

Also, Telenav provides cameras on loan pending conditions being met. We are giving these cameras away outright.

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To be honest. I am attaining my goal = the area Antwerp Mechelen Brussel Leuven.
Afterwards my contributions are likely to drop.
I see it as a gift to the people. But they should maintain it themselves.

Could you give any more details on this server side stitching? I thought you had to do this through Studio first, and then upload? (also happy to see you are recommending the Fusion, made the ok choice)

On the programme: good effort, seeing how Telenav does similar stuff (hate how we have to split effort between the two). Something with a compass (ie Virb) would’ve made more sense to me, but GP7 is undoubtedly a good choice.
With regards to the contribution limit, I felt like with the previous mapillary tasks, you should take into account quality, not just quantity .