A new GoPro Max is coming

According to an article at the verge, GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman confirmed a new 360-degree GoPro Max camera “is in the works and will be worth the wait” at the GoPro 12 launch event.

This is pretty exciting. The GoPro Max is currently our recommended 360 camera for Mapillary - and I’m excited to see what the Max 2 brings!


I am happy that you are excited. However, GoPro MAX and all is fine and dandy but the truth is that as these cams are currently priced they are basically prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of potential contributors or even existing contributors. Not to mention that GoPro has never taken the mapping use case seriously, except maybe for some mediocre Google Maps support/integration. 360° is all fine but it demands roughly 4× the resolution and twice the sensor size (or two sensors) of standard cameras in order to get comparable image quality results to existing affordable cameras. You also need one or two high quality glass lenses (good luck with cheap plastic lenses). Furthermore, 360° cameras on cars without properly long extension mounts are basically useless. It is far easier and cheaper to use two cameras with overlapping views of sight at the front and on the side on a car’s roof than trying to put one camera on a long stick. In many places, you will be stopped by police at best and denunciated by weary residents at worst for doing this, even though you won’t be doing anything illegal. So yeah, 360° developments are appreciated but imho GoPro has never been the go to camera maker for mapping.

Should I ever spend 600 to 700 bucks for a mapping camera then I want proper platform integration, decent image quality (so that I can read details for mapping instead of smudges), a decent GPS receiver (which does not require repositioning of images, especially in urban canyons) and long battery life. So, looking at these requirements and the existing market then things look rather bleak.

I hope they won’t remove the Gnss receiver as with the Hero 12 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I disagree. I have been using my GoPro Max for city mapping, and the end product is far more usable then with non-360° cameras in my opinion. Of course this all depends on what the user is trying to do. I capture all my images on a bike or on foot. Having an extended GoPro Max on my helmet or even longer pole on a backpack have been great setups so far. The MAX is not very expensive, considering professional 360° cameras with full Google Street View integration like the Insta360 Pro costs 10x what the GoPro Max does. If I am not completely mistaken, 360 cameras provide better data to do things like SfM.