GoPro Max CHDHZ-201

So, the new 360 GoPro is here, and as anticipated it’s neither a Fusion replacement (positioned as more of a normal gopro with optional 360) nor a successor (lower image resolution, and even the model code only got bumped from CHDHZ-103 to 201).
The good:

  • built in touchscreen should make it easier to control and frame without relying on a phone
  • (extra purchase) protective lenses, finally
  • smaller size, mounting teeth now integrated into the body, lower weight (154g vs 220g)
  • lower starting price (479 GBP/499 USD)
  • supposedly better hw and sw, offering better stabilisation and extra modes - seems useless for mapillary though
  • an actual new camera, not two hero5 bolted together, so one SD card! And in-camera stitching, both good and bad
  • it will probably bring fusion prices down (at least initially)

The bad:

  • LOWER (!!!) image resolution, 16.6 vs 18mp - unlikely there would be more detail
  • in camera stitching, ultimately likely to be worse than optical flow in Fusion Studio
  • gopro seems to be mothballing fusion completely, even removing the product page
  • GPS appears to be “Hero-mode only”, so just for mono-lens capture - what a weird limitation
  • smaller battery
  • no RAW capture

Some of these are properly subject to change, but I certainly won’t be rushing to buy one.
A shame really.


Bad horizon leveling makes it a no-go for mapillary photographers: :slightly_frowning_face:

In the rig I want to build for next spring I have a “feiyu tech g360 gimbal” on my wish list.

I think this will work better then a software solution… When I have set it up, I’ll share the results :wink:

with so many sensors in modern cameras, horizon leveling should really be better, and sw-based

So has anybody actually bought one and tried it out yet?