Choosing a high(er) end 360 camera


Hi all!

Our team is looking for a new 360 camera to use with Mapillary. Our price range is about 2-3000 USD.
The cameras in this price range are not at all straight forward to use, that’s why I’m looking for your input and experiences.

The cameras we have considered so far:

  • DETU F4 Plus (this seems the best option for us at the moment)
  • Z CAM S1
  • Insta360 Pro
  • GoPro Omni

If you have any experience with these or similar 360 cameras please feel free to comment, your thoughts are needed and valued!


I only have experience with low end spherical cameras, but I do have experience with professional cameras and lenses.

I would go for the Insta360 based on specifications, because it can produce raw images.

The images take up a lot more space, but enables you to adjust e.g. exposure significantly after the images was taken. I have never seen an auto exposure that get it perfect and they usually are very wrong when there are a lot of clouds that are lit by the Sun.


After lenghty research and many mails exchanged with support teams we have decided to go with the GoPro Fusion. It’s in the 800 USD range, but basically it’s either the GoPro or the Insta360 Pro for 3000+ (plus accesories) USD, there is not much inbetween that would justify it’s price for Mapillary use.
According to our research almost all the cameras in the 1000-2500 USD range are failed or half-assed kickstarter projects or 1st generation products from companies that might not stick around to support their product. Also there are a couple cameras that are focused on other qualities other than still image quality.

Note to the mapillary team regarding their list of 360 cams:

  • The Panono seems to be available for purchase now (it wasn’t a couple weeks ago as far as I can remember) but it starts around 2100 EUR rather than the mentioned 1500 USD
  • The sphericam kickstarter project failed due to some component sourcing problems, there is a sphericam 2 on their website which looks good but it’s not available for purchase.

Also it would be nice to add the GoPro fusion to the list, and maybe the Insta 360 Pro.


would like to know your results of the gopro, especially if you are capturing on a vehicle at speed.


you can look up some threads on here from people using the Fusion: in short it’s probably the easiest for Mapillary workflows, image quality is ok, can overheat in warm climates