Image sequences gone?


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Quite often my beautiful image sequence are gone after I’ve uploaded it to the server. Can’t find them under my profile or with a “processing” label on them - they are simply just gone.

Anyone know how to get lost sequences back? :relaxed::relaxed:

I think it’s just a mess there at mapillary. I noticed some of my sequences disappeared too or rather never showed up on the map. They promise that all the pictures are stored and eventually will show up on the map but I’m not convinced. I don’t understand why they were in such a rush moving to the new servers and new apps. Why not test them first? But let’s hope that the work done is not lost…

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I guess that’s all are effects of acquisition by Facebook last year.
I think Facebook requested certain changes in the processing , storage, security and API to be compliant with their internal policies and Mapillary has been granted a 12 months transition period which ended apparently in June’21.
That explains everything.

They need to use FB servers, they need to use FB certificates for Play Store, then need to adopt security changes in the code to be compliant with FB requirements, they need to eventually prevent users from easily downloading and DELETING their own contributions and finally shut down possibilities to transfer imagery to competitor platforms like KartaView.

p.s. We have not heard anything from Mapillary founder and CEO @jesolem since August 2020, so I doubt if he is still with Mapillary…
p.p.s. we have not heard anything from Facebook officials either, so I am not sure if FB has any vision and strategy for Mapillary future…


I think your absolutely right about about the transition period.
It reminds me of software company we used at work to handle GraphQL content. They was acquitted by Amazon, and later integrated as an AWS platform.
Owners went dead silent, no reply from there support and the whole project was abandoned from one day to another, and it really feels like the same thing is sadly happening for Mapillary.

Also tried to use the support email but yet haven’t received any reply.

It’s really frustrating :disappointed:


Thanks for reporting any bugs or oddities you find! We did indeed switch to a new platform recently and we are working as hard as we can with the resources we have to iron out all the bugs and put back cut features.

@sulfo which email address did you email to?

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@sulfo try the new support email address at

I sent the mail to on 18/06

Ok, I’ll ping the support team.