Awesome sequences


Love this sequence


Feedback and opinions have to be both positive and negative for any meaningful discussion to take place. Your comment provided a negative datapoint for the discussion, and in that way advanced the conversation.

Furthermore, your remark wasn’t disrespectful or rude or an insult directed at anyone; it appeared to be a simple statement of opinion. So in that way, it also didn’t drag the thread down.

In any event, there are likely many people who participate in taking photos but do not join in the conversations, who had to have been wondering if they were shooting photos in sequences too close together, too far apart, just right, etc. By stimulating that specific topic, I think you helped everyone out.


I see the Goofball cars around frequently. This one had pulled over and looked lost:

There’s also a HERE Streetview car there. I mean here. Something.


Puerto Viejo, Costa Rican caribbean beach:


Very nice! Thanks for sharing

Unusual sightings in Mapillary photos

@JackTheRipper, well said.


Nice sequences.
I dream about relation Mapillary’s sequences with music, instrumental.
Location, Season…automatic relation :slight_smile:


@tometome Have you seen mapillary-js and the story telling component, with that you can build this ->


Cycling on the beach:


What a beautiful ride! I’m surprised it seems so smooth in wet sand!?


Thanks @katrin Not so smooth here :smile:


Haha looks like quite the workout! :smile:


Thanks. I bookmarked that for future reference.


Where I come from negative feedback even when meant constructively (also know as bitching) is highly commonplace and while I grew up I didn’t mind it. But what I’ve experienced over the years, especially from voluntary/community based activities and projects – especially when there is no face-to-face interaction – has proved for me that it is very very rarely constructive at all. Unless you are really sure that not only the person you are giving the feedback to but also all others that read the comment find such tone constructive.

Yes, this specific comment fueled discussion. But even I (with background as noted above) was a bit taken aback by the comment. Not only by the tone of it but also because I think it was simply unjustified, missing some important points. Let me explain:

I came to these forums today after I had stumbled upon an interesting sequence bit of four photos that have been stitched into a sequence by Mapillary where in fact only the first and the last of the four are from the same sequence. In other words these 1, 2, 3, and 4 photos could have been taken independent of each other and they would still have been stitched into a sequence. I wanted to post this finding to some thread that I thought would been something like “Neat technical things in sequences” – but this is a good place for sharing this.

To contemplate the above, using the terms / point of view above I could have taken four independent sequences with 6 or 8 second interval and they would still have ended up as a sequence. That to me is a pretty amazing example of how powerful the system already is. Just imagine what can be done in a few years! Old “useless” photos become as valuable as anything. Except that they already are.

Finally on commenting how something is sub-optimal I think it’s always a good idea to remember that not only it is a by-and-far mainly a voluntary activity that people are taking all the photos that they are for uploading to Mapillary but also that the technology we have (literally) at hand is (highly) sub-optimal in itself. Talking about sequences the storage space that many have is highly limited. I happen to have a Galaxy S5 with a 128GB SD card in it and won’t ever again run out of space when capturing. But many don’t have that luxury. I always think of the poor iPhone users and others without any external SD card when talking about this. You get the idea.

Last but not least, snapshots here/there just like many of the “bad quality” photos can be immensely useful for many purposes – even if they could never be stitched into a series (which they will eventually but anyways). I just wrote about this quite extensively in the Better than nothing thread.

Happy (photo)mapping!


This photo by elotrojames is part of a beautiful sequence from the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala. As I’ve commented in the photo I had a chance of hiking up to Pacaya nearly 10 years ago just a few months after a minor eruption. I included links to a few of my photos in the comment, one of which gives a nice comparison to now vs. then before the bigger eruption of 2010 where the mountain literally lost a part of its top.


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I caught some other guys mapping as well: (To be honest: I’m not exactly sure what they are up to…)


I just love this one. This is a wonderful landscape in Georgia:


I enjoyed to see these views of a golf course from a UAV -

There’s a couple other short sequences nearby as well if you view the map.


Some images of Roatán, Honduras:
West Bay to End Bay water taxi

A walk in West Bay