Introduce yourself!

It would be great to hear a little about who you are and what you like to do, why you like mapping etc.

I guess I can start!

My name is Anders and I joined Mapillary about a month ago. I work on the iOS app, and I’ve been doing iOS development since 2008. I’ve worked on some great (but now old) iOS hits which you may or may not be familiar with, like Labyrinth and Touchgrind.

Apart from programming I enjoy Wes Anderson movies, photography, watches, muscle cars and Dota 2. And cats, I really like cats.

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Looks like we are a bunch of dicreet persons :pensive:

My name is Simon and I do Mapillary. On Mapillary I am also tryl, @MikkelsenDotTV at Twitter and simonmikkelsen at GitHub. I live in Aarhus, Denmark with my girlfriend and 2 children.

Professionally I am a software engineer at at large private company that does software for millitary, healthcare, public sector and libraries. I cannot tell you exactly what I do, because I would have to kill you :smile:

I know a lot of programming languages and technologies, Python is one of them and favored by Mapillary. Another language I enjoy is Javascript and has started to look at MapBox, Leaflet, GeoJson and various subjects of GIS. I enjoy working with open technologies, preferable free software / open source and only does Windows for money.

I also do photography on a semi professional level. I have done a lot of work for a local newspaper and been the videographer for several music videos.

Mapillary is a combination of technology and photography and I have contributed in both ways. As of writing about 150.000 images and 1 Python script.

But with two kids, one being 1½ year and the other 1½ month old there is no time for all this! A lot of my mapping is done by taking small detours when I go somewhere. The next day I will take a slightly different detour. Most of my mapping is done around a triangle of my home, work and kids kindergarten.

I mostly use a bike with an action cam. Hope to get more.

I think Mapillary is awsome! I remember when OSM was completely useless in Aarhus and less than a year later it had every detail. I try to photograph in every detail to be a good example to other mappers. On the Aarhus map you can see where I have been.

When some bugs get ironed out of the new viewer I will try to recruit friends and colleagues to map too.


I’m Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary CEO and co-founder. I’m a computer vision researcher/entrepreneur and have been in computer vision since my undergrad days ~15 years ago. Been thinking about connecting people’s photos of places for a long time and finally getting around to doing something about it :wink:

I live in Sweden, outside the city of Malmö, with 3 young kids. When I’m not working I like to ride bikes (all kinds).

I started Mapillary from a frustration that most of the places I visited, including the town where I live, did not have any street images (Sweden is “street view mapped” by at least 3 mapping providers and none of them have photos of my town Bjärred).

I mostly map using a bike (hand held phone or Garmin Virb on the handlebars) or when driving. I take “reasonable” detours to map new areas, sometimes to my family’s frustration, sometimes with beautiful scenery and adventure.

In a past life I was a university professor, and also wrote some books. The most successful one was I like open source software and sometimes contribute at jesolem (Jan Erik Solem) · GitHub



I’m Levente. I was lucky enough to join Mapillary a couple of month ago, sometime late this spring. I’m originally from Hungary but currently located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida while working on my PhD. I have a background in geography and I’m all about open source, open data and online communities. No wonder I took advantage of Mapillary as it’s the perfect playground for me! Tons of interesting data and a beautiful user community!

I usually use my phone and a Garmin Virb to map. I’ve used my action camera a lot more lately… I try to map everything that hasn’t been captured yet - be it a busy interstate or a hidden pathway along the beach.

Here, at Mapillary my main goal would be to understand how you guys would contribute. Actually this is the main focus of my research project, as well. I just want to learn and understand as much as I can about motivations behind contributions, (spatial) patterns and a possibly a lot more… :slight_smile: I’m in the very beginning of my path to becoming a scientist. I couldn’t be happier to start it off with Mapillary! It’s very exciting!

In my free time I try to be out in the nature as much as I can. I also like cycling, rugby, and more recently I started to educate myself on photography. For me, contributing to Mapillary is a perfect excuse to get away from everything with a bike, enjoy the quiet and peace while being a part of something awesome… covering the world with photos!



I am Harry, living in Skåne region in Sweden. I use Mapillary as an excuse to discover my homearea, taking small detours and trying all the (dirt)roads I can find.

I like maps and can spend a lot of time just looking at them, comparing with historical maps and more, and all the lines I draw on the mapillary map are a great stimulans to continue contributing.
I see Mapillary as the beginning of a fantastic historical document, so I’ll try to document som before/after sequences if I can.

Most of my photos are taken by car with a GoPRO, but I also experiment with normal compact cameras (with GPS) and orther travel modes (bike, boat, walking).


Are you looking for any feedback on this in another thread? If so, just let us know.

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I am filip from Flanders. I am a compulsory connector and joyrider. I like to see the black spot grow on the map. On sundays I make little trips with my electric bike. I do temporary jobs and try the longest way to work. That explains my many pictures. I have always been a wanderer.
It is dissapointing that I have so many fuzzy and unconnected pictures with my Samsung S5. I have a Nikon All Weather camera, but that cannot replace the Android app. I also have a Garmin VIRB XE action camera which gives better pictures. I am capable of launching the python scripts. But my computer does not want to install python any more and those scripts are toO labour intensive anyway. I also have a big collection of mounts.
I am still a bad OSM mapper, but I have helped solving notes with my mly pictures. I am also into geo things as visualisation, GPS and 3D.

Hoi community

My name is Wolfgang - community-nick is Alferic

I live in the west of Austria.

I’ve read about Mapillary today and think it’s a great idea.

I installed the app at my iphone and made a little walk through my town this afternoon.
And the pictures are uploaded now and I can see them at the map.

Some questions

  1. my first question was: How long does it last, until uploaded photos are implemented. But I have still the answer as my pictures were in the map within in few minutes

  2. when I walk along the street, how should I do photos in a sequence?
    2a) how many distance should be between photo to photo?
    2b) should I do photos in several directions (e.g. each 90°) from one place
    2c) how long should a sequence be?

hi, welcome to the mapillary community,

The answer to most of your questions would be: “what ever you think is useful, feel free to be creative”

There is also a user guide and a FAQ. You can find lots of tips and suggestions there, have fun mapping.

Thanks @de_vries for providing great answers. I think you covered it all but I’ll try to add some flavours to it.

Warm welcome @Alferic! Happy to see you here.

  1. Yes, it typically only take minutes before you can see the photos on the map. It might take us a little longer to process them to nice transitions. It depends a bit on the load on the system.

2)a & c Take as many photos you like in a sequence. We try to emphasise to take at least around 50 if the street allows for it but if the street is shorter then there will be fewer photos. But general rule is always better with more than less photos. For capturing instructions pls check:

2a, The app will automatically adjust this and take a photo every 4 sec when walking and 2 sec when driving.

2b, Yes, that is great. And you will find that information in our FAQ (same link as above) on the web.

Let us know if there is anything else!

Hello, my name is Arlindo, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I also map for OpenStreetMap, and you can see the pictures I take here:



Hi, my name is Edil, I’m from Ribeirão Grande, São Paulo, Brazil. I love Mapillary and OpenStreetMap cause they represent my desire to share and register the world.
My profile is edilqueirozdearaujo, in the Mapillary and OpenStreetMap


So, yesterday I got the XMount for my car, so I can now do more and longer sequences from whereever I go


Hi My name is Pil here-aka Pia- Twitter @piapil.
I’m a granma so I’m probably one of the oldies :wink:
I’m currently residing in North Zealand- Denmark. Former activist , now retired to a degree.
I joined Mapillary about a month ago. I was led here being a follower of @neogegrafen who is a great inspiration. I plan to start off mapping my local area. I can see where it is not yet mapped. I also like to introduce Mapillary to my friends in other countries esp. the young ones as it is such a great project.
I do have beginner issues which I need to get resolved. I wonder if anyone here could please help me? Or should I ask in the Forum?
I am so excited to seriously get started.
Oh I’m pretty okay with most of the techie stuff. Actually worked on a computer back in the 80’ies!!
Wish me luck , please!

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Warm welcome @Pil! and happy to hear that you are excited about join Mapillary. We are too!

@soren_johannessen is for sure a true inspiration. We are very impressed by the work he is doing.

I would be happy to help you if you have any issues. If you send an email to I will make sure to get back to you. Also, if you want to do some reading you can find some help here:

Speak soon again!


I am Iain Stuart and am an archaeologist based in Sydney, Australia. I specialise in historical and industrial archaeology and I once ran a maritime archaeology unit as well. I work mostly on the east coast of Australia but have worked on a few overseas projects.

One of the attractive things about my archaeological practice is my involvement in maps a lifelong interest ever since i made my first map at Scouts with a baseline and compass and tape. Now I have a a cm accurate GPS and ArcGIS is used every day.

I like the idea of Mapillery and am keen to learn more about it. In particular I am interested in using the mapped images to show people some of our interesting archaeological and historical sites. I can also see its potential for getting people to record what they see as important in their communities.



Very Welcome lian! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Wow, that’s a beautiful line! I really like it!
What exactly are you looking at/for when revisiting all the sequences? Thanks!

Hi, Levente, so, what keeps people going? The urge to share? But one cannot be sharing forever without having anything in return? (A sense of fulfillment counts)
I remembered back in the FourSquare days when tons of my friends “checked-in” to places every day, and I was there wondering: can this possibly last?
Thanks, Levente!