Telling folks what I do

As I haul the Amish about I get many opportunities to explain what I’m doing with the phone/cameras. My best chance to explain myself, my ways was at the State of the Map conversation in Detroit I have been working on a talk with power point pictures to take sbout 20 minutes
I am, after all, the wotld’s leading mapping data collector for both Mapillary and Open Street Cam.
I’d like a chance to be a speaker at a mapping convention.
If the organizers of any mapping convention are looking for a speaker I am available.


Hearing how the tools get used and what could be useful from people who aren’t immersed in just the mapping stuff would be great.


My passion is the collection of mapping data. I am not a mapper in the way of actually using the data to make maps. I met many of the “crunchers”, ( my term for those who work with the data after I collect it) at the State of the Map conversation in Detroit. I was the minoriry in that I collect the raw data, drive the roads and run the phone/cameras.
I’d like to share my passion.


I prefer telling folks what to do.


Gotta be passionate about something to brave a trip to Detroit. :wink:

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You are my closest competition.
You need to go out and do some mapping.
You need a quick 5 million.

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Well, for the competition part whomever is R66 has been tearing it up.

For me, I just use it as an excuse to get our for a ride or a sunday drive to check out something new. It’s just become part of out and about, especially weekend trips.

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I have been asked what my van is all about on numerous occasions. Now I have the Mapillary mag sign on the side it looks even prettier. I enjoy the remote places and back roads, plus the technical head stuff to process everything. Its nice to be retired from IT and still use the skills. Am in Australia BTW.

The biggest buzz people get is when I show them my track on the web browser, then the roadsign recognition awes them.


Was there a reason to make the organisation “Australia” ?
I suppose it is just to try what that does.

Well I was asked to “join australia” by another user but the first time I tried to video_process with the BlackVue it got upset and lost me about 3 hours of ffmpeg processing. I haven’t uploaded to that organisation since.

I am still learning a lot of the processing steps.

Take a look at the new point features @bob3bob3. That’s going to wow even more!


Did you creat the magnetic Mapillary sign?
Was it on line?
I’d like a pair.
I have a web site i get magnetic signs made,
Maybe I’ll make me some signs.
Where did you get the graphic?


Thank you.

Hello eneerhut
I am new here, trying to learn, where are the instructions to message another user directly ? I can try email them too if possible.
I found some nice photos and tried to search for the user listed to message them and request more photos but their user names do not show when I search. What should I do to contact them ?
Your user name is listed when I search though, and that is why I ask you since you are part of the Mapillary team.

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Hey Rachel, (on the forum) click on the users avatar/picture so it brings up their profile. Upper right if that screen is a green button “Message”

If you are using the imagery web page and are viewing someones image it is possible to comment on it. (Hover over the icons to find “Comment”.

It seems though that the forum and imagery pages are separate user systems. Not all photo contributors are on the forum and the user names can be different. Many however are the same.

(Sorry for busting in Ed)


@bob3bob3 is correct in everything he said. Thanks for helping out Bob.

Comments are definitely the most effective way to get in touch with someone who has contributed imagery. They will receive an email if they have notifications enabled and they will also see the comment in their feed in both the web and mobile app.

As Bob pointed out, signing up to the forum and to Mapillary are separate processes for the time being, so you might not find everyone from Mapillary on the forum.

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I sent for my press kit.
When it came all i got was a big envelope big enough to hold all I had hoped for. All that was in it was a form letter congratulating me for hitting one million.
I’m at 12 million.
No sigbs, nothing.

You mean sigNs ?

JB, you could use the images in this folder to create your own signs via the website you mentioned.