Telling folks what I do


As I haul the Amish about I get many opportunities to explain what I’m doing with the phone/cameras. My best chance to explain myself, my ways was at the State of the Map conversation in Detroit I have been working on a talk with power point pictures to take sbout 20 minutes
I am, after all, the wotld’s leading mapping data collector for both Mapillary and Open Street Cam.
I’d like a chance to be a speaker at a mapping convention.
If the organizers of any mapping convention are looking for a speaker I am available.


Hearing how the tools get used and what could be useful from people who aren’t immersed in just the mapping stuff would be great.


My passion is the collection of mapping data. I am not a mapper in the way of actually using the data to make maps. I met many of the “crunchers”, ( my term for those who work with the data after I collect it) at the State of the Map conversation in Detroit. I was the minoriry in that I collect the raw data, drive the roads and run the phone/cameras.
I’d like to share my passion.


I prefer telling folks what to do.


Gotta be passionate about something to brave a trip to Detroit. :wink:


You are my closest competition.
You need to go out and do some mapping.
You need a quick 5 million.


Well, for the competition part whomever is R66 has been tearing it up.

For me, I just use it as an excuse to get our for a ride or a sunday drive to check out something new. It’s just become part of out and about, especially weekend trips.