Mapillary leaderboard is back!

Long awaited Mapillary leaderboard is live. You can now check top Mapillary contributors at the global, country and city level.

I’m top contributor in Turkey. What’s your Mapillary ranking in your country?


Link: Mapillary

There’s a bug though, probably with browser localization: Even if I search for “Germany”, the site forces me to select the German name “Deutschland” and sends me to the following site, which does not exist:

But it should have sent me to:

Also, it would be nice to have stats on state level, or maybe even other levels, such as counties…


Nice to have this back. There seems to be be going something wrong with localization indeed. From r Belgium, I need to write België. But that turns up no data. Force the url to Belgium as suggested above, and I think you get the stats for Belgium, USA :slight_smile:
For Bolivia I need Bolivië, and that works out of the box.

Slightly strange as well that “Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest” works, but Flanders or Wallonia don’t, since they are the exact same admin level.

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I thoroughly dislike gamification. I have always seen it provoke gaming the system and making it an unreliable mess.

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@enteq @joostjakob @potaro67v thanks for reporting browser localisation bug, this should be fixed now!

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Ha! Yes, this. #1 UK, #21 world, but unlikely to ever be on the weekly or monthly board, because I’ve always got such an upload backlog (∵ slow broadband) - I haven’t finished uploading August yet!

Ireland seems to have a problem. Country name in the selection seems to be “Ireland (country)”, which doesn’t work. It’s ok if you manually remove the " (country)" bit from the url.

The leaderboard search should be fixed now so you’ll now be able to reach the leaderboard for Ireland correctly.

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It there a place to find the total # of images I’ve uploaded (across all locations and time)?

@danbjoseph We’re working on bringing back # imagery and km count on the Mapillary profile. It will be available soon. I shortly checked that you have contributed 2.04M imagery over time. I hope this helps for now.

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