Celebrate your milestones

Now I have mapped 1 000 000 meters :cake:


We should also celebrate that we together mapped 1 000 000 000 meters of the world (or 1 million kilometers :trophy: )

YES! This is fantastic. We had some cutting of sequences to do before we wanted to make the announcement but we will send something out this week. We are extremely impressed and grateful for the work that everyone puts in to Mapillary. Thank you!

I passed 100 000 images and 2 500 000 meters a little while ago.

Not a totally fair comparison, because I have also added a few CC-BY street videos that I found on the net. (The main one being a wonderfull 10-hour train journey to the north of Norway.)

However, of all the photos I did take myself, I took the majority on foot and bike :smile:


Fantastic work! You are then in the top 3% of Mapillary contributors. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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Mapillary just past 70 miljon pictures :slight_smile:


When I log in on my lap top, as if I was going to edit photos I see that I joined Mapillary on November 2nd.
I had a slow start. I tried to enter my best “real” pictures for a while.
It soon became apparent that geo tagged pictures of old barns, cemeteries and fire houses were not what Mapillary is all about.
I’d love to know the date I started mapping uncharted routes.
On my way to Michigan this last trip I set as my goal to reach 2 million photos before I got back.
I was able to cross the 2 million mark soon after I got home.
Some problems up loading made it so I was home before reaching that goal.
For a long time, (and I still do) I figured the meter count was fictitious. If I loaded a picture from Colorado, then one from Maine and the next from Wisconsin a green line would appear between those points. It didn’t take too long before I figuurred out that real pictures don’t fit into the Mapillary mold.
Don’t get me started on sequences.
I’m now over the 2 million mark.
I have been the top scorer on the leader board since I learned of it’s existence. (All of 2 weeks)
Meanwhile on the Google side I was told this week that my pictures on Google Maps have over 10 million views (I started over there about the same time I started on Mapillary)
And my Google Earth pictures reached 800 million views.
Lots of big numbers.

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I have just hit 400k images (6628 km). It isn’t as much as others here but possibly the highest single user (not organisation) in Australia.

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1 000 000 000 is 1 billion.

You’re right of course, but I am right as well :smiley:
The metric system is a bitch :wink:

For a while one of my milestones has been to be able to log into the Mapillary forums under the .com with my primary name, JBTHEMILKER.
This proved to be no small mIles stone. I worked on this often at night when I really needed to be sleeping.
At last I was able to narrow down the problem.
By the time the requested email came with the reset link, the link had expired.
Today I am waiting most of the day. I just kept trying.

In less than a dozen attempts (11) I was able to get a working link in an email.
I am now on the forums under the security of .com, no more scary dangerous .io.
It is no wonder the forums goes for days without a single entry.
Swimming the English channel is far easier than getting signed in.

I am now ready to announce my goal or milestone for the month.
For three weeks I’ve contributed over a quarter million, (250,000) images. A few have been done away with, less than one percent of one percent, but that still leaves me thinking I may be able to reach the milestone of erntering (and not having deleted) one million images in a four week period.

I’m now #43 in the top 50 community members leader board which shows me on the list.

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How can one find that list?
I’d like to look at it.

Or on the main map page bring up the left menu and click on Leaderboard.

I don’t know why it says the top 50 when I only see 43 listed.

I guess I have to wait until I get the lap top out.
I’m headed to the outer banks. There should be time while we are down there.

https://www.mapillary.com/app/stats will still work as I said, not limited to just laptops.

Just tried it on my S5 but is only showing the first 42, what is going on with that?

You’re #44 in my list at this moment, and this is also the last rank I can see. I can not scroll to #45 - #50

Yes looks like I’ve been bumped down for the moment.

Something is definitely weird. I can see my scroll bar goes beyond the browser window but can only scroll down to #43.

I reported this issue to the developers now, if it’s a quick fix then this will probably be done soon.

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