Leaderboard disappeared! [Solved]

First they said:“leaderboard”!,
later they said “leaderboard coming soon…”,
at last leaderboard disappeared!


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Dear @canfe,

Couple of off-the-cuff thoughts :

One cause for the disappearance of the Leaderboard feature may be found in defining ‘what makes a contributor a leader’; the past Leaderboard just tallied the number of photos uploaded, without accounting for whatever ‘value’ could be prised from the pics.

Some factors could be technical quality : sharpness, sufficient contrast, yielding adequate detail to allow the automated recognition algorithm to work out that moped-A or -B are no longer permitted to go against the flow in one-way streets, that instead bicycles and moped-P are now allowed to; or badly lit scenes.

Another criterion might be related to uniqueness : had this way already been documented? In this direction? Does the automated recognition system flag large differences between the recently uploaded, and earlier series - perhaps indicating that the road-layout has been changed? New buildings gone up?

How detailed would the Leaderboard be : could each contributor get to see which pictures were viewed most? - would allow to fine-tune what one uploads in future and what seems wasted effort?

Have over the years uploaded perhaps 1½M images, eventually - viewing either to scan for missed blurs or to amend OpenStreetMap - come to understand that mere quantity is a bad indicator - as illustrated by a contributor who /had/ covered a particular way, on a bicycle, and at two frames per second at that, but whose pictures revealed less than could have been captured in a couple of single-photos from a well-chosen viewpoint.

This response is very much intended to invite contributors to add suggestions on the desirability and feasibility of a Leaderboard, and which factors could be taken into consideration in determining points.

Looking forward,


We’re working to bring back the leaderboard soon. Please bear with us as we make a few improvements before bringing it back.


I hope all the changes you propose will be implemented in the next version. I completely agree all of them.

2 frames a second on a bicycle and riding at least little circles when you pass a public building is the best way.

Improvements sounds good, please consider picture quality and first time coverage.


Personally, I never cared about my position in the leaderboard. I used it more to know how my contribution compared to the global contributions in certain regions, to know about other contributors, and to find regions lacking active contributors. In my opinion, a leaderboard based on number of photos is good enough. Certainly, better than no leaderboard at all.

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It’d be great to have a leaderboard. What I miss most though, is just seeing how many pictures I’m at in total. There seems to be no way left to do that?
When that finally comes back, it’d be great if it were to include more stats, like total views, number of good/bad pictures, distance covered, unique distance covered etc. But just the total would already be very satisfying.


Depending on how they changed things up behind the scenes, having different sort of breakdowns for leaderboards could be possible.

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Thank you for your all valuable feedbacks. We constantly work on improving Mapillary and provide better user experience for our community. Finally, Mapillary leaderboard is back!

Please let us know if you have further feedback on the leaderboard!


Yay! Leaderboard is back.
But for some reason I’m not in it. I probably have something like 3M images uploaded, so I don’t qualify for the global leaderboard, but should be in local (Country: Estonia).

the leaders for Italy, France or Spain are not shown.
“No data available”


@jorrarro You’re #1 in Estonia! :hugs:

Hey @canfe,

Are you searching in Italian, maybe this might be the problem? I can see Italian and Spanish leaderboard.

I type “Italy”, then I choose “Italy” from the menu.

Whether I type Italia or Italy, it always proposes Italia and… it doesn’t find anything!

What is the URL that you end up on when searching?

The Italy leaderboard is at https://www.mapillary.com/app/leaderboard/Italy?location=Italy


with your link it works, but it doesn’t “generate” it for me…

22.2 M for filipc, thank you, but I doubt that, I stopped massive uploads after 14 M.

edit : it is corrected.
When I am given back full control of my pictures, I might continue.

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The issue with searching for a country should now be fixed. Let me know if you can access the leaderboard now.

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Yes, it works fine now!

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