Drastic drop in number of images contributed

This morning I held the second spot on the leaderboard with 8.5 million images contributed. I was working hard to pass Allen who I was within a million of.
All the sudden I’m 13th. I now show only 282 thousand images contributed. What has changed?
How did I loose 90% of the images I had contributed?

@JBTheMilker we just performed a massive backend upgrade. It should make things perform a lot better across the board, but there will be a few teething issues over the next couple of days.

Should be back to normal soon, including your stats.


My stats came back to normal. Thankyou.
We are given nothing for our efforts other than our numbers. It hurts deep when our numbers drop as we contribute more.
Thanks for fixing the numbers.

@eneerhut Unfortunatly my stats aren’t back to normal, at least all of them…
As you can see on the top right of the printscreen, I have 432.0k but in the top left for all time I just have 94.1K


@filipegraciosa were the vast majority of your images taken in Portugal? This leaderboard should be counting all the images you’ve ever taken in Portugal.

@JBTheMilker happy to hear it’s back to normal.

Have filed an issue so we will look into this and make sure your stats are reflected as they should be.

@eneerhut All my images are from Portugal :smiley:

@JBTheMilker I hope the van is treating you well. It’s good to see you able to get out again.

@filipegraciosa: We’re aggressively caching the queries to toplist endpoints since they’re very tough on the system. It must’ve been a stats aggregation which got cached during the data migration last week with data not being fully migrated. It seems like the stats are back to normal. While visiting make sure to hard refresh (or clean cache) in your browser.

Bear in mind that your image counts might not be 100% correct (they should be 95% correct though). This could be due to part of your images still being processed/aggregated, cached queries without your latest uploads aggregated or simplified shapes used for aggregating statistics which sometimes do not aggregate images taken at/around country borders.

@knikel and @eneerhut the problem continues.

I already tried on a different browser, please check this URL:

@knikel and @eneerhut problem solved :grinning:

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Looks like everything has caught up @filipegraciosa. Let’s keep an eye on it though.