Bug in the leaderboard/toplist


I notice a bug in the leaderboard/toplist, I don’t know if its only happening with my user or its general.

In the Portugal leaderboard/toplist https://www.mapillary.com/app/stats/85633735?user=filipegraciosa I notice that in the option All time I have a score of 56.2k but I can’t find why I have this number.

I have 141.1 K Uploaded images and 2 573 km Distance mapped, how is it converted to 56.2k?

Filipe Graciosa

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One reason can be that the country polygon used for the statistics is not correct. For example, images made on Ponte de 25 Abril (Lisbon) are probably not counted as ‘Portugal’ because of the water.

But the difference between 141k and 56k is too high as only explanation.

It looks like the number of 141K is wrong. I’ve done a very quick rough count, but I came to around 190 sequences that you uploaded after 20 August (the furthest back I could go on your history).

That would mean an average of 750 photos per sequence, and you are not having that.

Sorry, that was a really bad miscalculation. You have around 680 sequences, to 141K images is very likely.

The only thing I can think of, is that I see other high-ranking users in Portugal have very few photos around Lisboa. Maybe there is something wrong with the border of the Portugal-area around Lisboa, so that photos here are not counted?

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the difference between 141k and 56k is too high as only explanation.

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Could the reason be, that because I only take pictures in one direction at a time (front), and others takes in several directions (360).
In my profile appears how many times pictures where taken and in the dashboard shows how many pictures where taken? Different KPIs in the algorithm?
A - How many times
B - How many where taken

@filipegraciosa We’ve put some work into improving the shapes that the leaderboards are based on and I believe your score should be correct now - take a look! :slight_smile: