Most viewed and most used photo leaderboard?

Under each uploaded sequence in My Uploads there is a little eye-icon with some number next to it : assume that’s the number of times that sequence was viewed?

Some months ago a mail stated that a photo of a new cycleway viaduct had been viewed 24 times. Thinking that through : it would be helpful to have a ‘Personal Leaderboard’ , where one can see which photos were viewed most, sorted from most to more seldom, and perhaps also sortable by when last viewed : that would give the photographer feedback on most useful pictures, and less used series.

Am I the only Mapillarographer to look for such stats?

Looking forward,


I have only been here on the forums a short time.
I’ve heard this idea talked about.
Pictures get views, what we are doing for Mapillary is data, not so much pictures.
I have a hard time wrapping my head around this.
I still take real pictures that people view. Mapillary gets me to new places, mapping, gathering data, where good worthwhile pictures can be taken.

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