Talking about the leaderboard


Last week I was at the top of the leaderboard. Because of this I was pointed to the leaderboard. I’d like to keep an eye on this.
How does one find the leaderboard?
Is there a way to see old leaderboard? I’d like to see who won in previous weeks.
Am I correct in thinking the leaderboard is weekly?
I’d like to see another board for distance covered.
The other way contributors are rewarded is the numbers of sequences they create. I’ve yet to figure out the worth, value or reason for the whole sequence adventure. If indeed there is some value to the sequences maybe they too need a leaderboard. (It looks to me like sequences should go the way of the dodo bird but I am still awaiting an explanation. )


You can see the leader board at . Some times it has taken days untill it got updated with my latest numbers, other times it is very fast. I guess it depends a bit on the development :smile:


Isn’t the weekly leaderboard a new thing?

I received an email about it but I had never received one before.


The email is a new thing, but the leader board has always been there.


““You can see the leader board at .””

Thank you for that link.


What happened?
I had 8.5 million and held second place on the leaderboard. Now I have just 282 thousand and I’m 13th on the leaderboard. What happened?


It appears to be showing distance instead of images taken but it still says “no. of images” at the top.


Right now it is not sorted by distance, but by images, but a lot of people are missing. Perhaps it is related to the blurs being reprocessed - it may only count images that are currently processed. I will give it a bit more time before asking the staff.