Your chance to be at the top of the heap

For the last 4 weeks I’ve been top contributor on the leaderboard. ( I only knew about the leaderboard that long) This is your chance to be right up there on top.
I am faced with work related challenges that put a dent in my mapping. I’m returning now from a haul to the back woods of Pennsylvania. They had no cell coverage, it was raining, and I was forced to sleep during daylight in order to keep my passengers safe and happy.
Last week I was down by 11,000 pictures. I thought maybe someone would beat my numbers.
If you want to be top contributor this week it shouldn’t take much to beat my numbers.

Heh only 11,000 images…

I think I would have to drive around Australia a few times to even catch up.

I bet truck bus/coach, taxi and courier drivers make the best contributors but I am not one of those.

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With a Garmn Virb or action camera its quite easy to get the numbers up! I have 239K and only been at it for a short while (and no archive of images). I have single sequences with over 5,000 :smile:

My bottleneck is upload speed more than creation.

@tastrax you must be lucky to upload that much given your location.

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Uploading has been my bottle neck for much of this week.

I have a 25mb connection (download) 5Mb upload so its slow down here. I may even upgrade to 100/40mb connection but I am on fibre to the node so I suspect I wont get a much better upload rate anyway! Also depends on time of day etc.

It looks like I was beat this week.
Now how do I find the leaderboard short of getting the biggest numbers?

I guess I am a little disappointed. Here I had a short week. I was without cell coverage for 2 days, I slept for a day. It rained when I could go mapping, yet still no one did better than me numbers wise.
Is my compulsive nature that accute?

This week I feel like I made a dent in Wisconsin.
I spent two days around Hillsboro. This area shows green on the map now. Then today I took about half gravel roads as I mapped yet to be mapped roads up to Granton Wisconsin and a different route back down. I could have taken main roads as they were all yet to be mapped, but I choose a route through the cranberry growing areas.
Did you know Wisconsin raises more cranberries than Cape Cody, 7 times as many!
Now all phone/cameras are full, no room to record our trip back to Ohio (on interstate highways)

In the beginning the app capture interval was reset to 2 or 3 seconds because there were too many crashes. So my first half a million were hard.

And yesterday I could not take pictures because I was the last available truckdriver.

uhh…as truck driver you can easily put your mobile phone cam (with mapillary app) on the windshield during your work?

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In convoy for an emergency service it is difficult. I try to be the passenger.

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@JBTheMilker, it sounds like you could use a few spare microSD cards for these trips. I don’t mean to be presumptuous but you can get a 64GB class 10 for $20. That should give you a days worth of pictures.

I thought Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 didn’t have expandable memory.

The S6 is just 32 gig with 11 gig left after you turn it on.
The 2 S7s have sd cards (128 gig) but I have not figured out how to successfully store Mapillary pictures on them and then be able to upload straight from the phone.

with my Galaxy s3 and more recently S5, when I’ve been out and about I’ve just dumped the images onto a laptop and uploaded them later on. IIRC I’m pretty sure back when I had the S3 that I dumped a couple batches back onto the phone and let it upload. The Mappillary app worked but didn’t always seem happy about the loss. IIRC there’s a log file it has that you cn clear to kill the messages.

Does this make sense?

Allen said
"“with my Galaxy s3 and more recently S5, when I’ve been out and about I’ve just dumped the images onto a laptop and uploaded them later on.”

I used to do that too.
But lately the laptop has been collecting dust.
I need more hours in my day.

FYI, It can take hours. Depending on your trip, it may make more sense to swap out a micro SD.

I am trying “dumping” onto my lap top. There must be a better word for this. I started with 8,000+ images two hours ago. I have dumped just 3,000 now.
Today I run up to Iowa on state roads. There is no cell service where I am staying here. I had yesterday’s pictures from all 3 phone/cameras uploading over WiFi during the night… But that was slow, all three still have very low remaining memory after yesterday’s looking around the Lake of the Ozarks.
I can’t figure out how to store on the sd cards and still be able to upload from the phone.
That, I guess is what I really need for trips like this one.
There will be little or no cell service today along our route north, so no uploading as we go.

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