New Leaderboard Feature request

If you guys are working on the new Leaderboard on Mapillary Web, I posted on this forum some features I’d like to see 3 years ago. Since that post, I’ve added imagery in 7 countries.

  1. Would it be possible to extend or provide a user-selectable range of rankings in the leaderboard? At the moment, you can only see the Top 50 of Worldwide or in each country. Since I started using Mapillary, I’ve uploaded images for 3 different countries and I’m in Top 50 of 2 of those and somewhere way down for the 3rd country.

  2. Likewise, globally, I know I will never reach the likes of @JBTheMilker or @kaartcam but I would like to be able to find out where I rank both in the global standing (for those of us who are wayyyyyyyyyy below the 1M images) and also per country basis, if I don’t make it to the Top 50.

I think it’s a good incentive for users to know where we stand and what the next target we need to achieve is in order for us to go up the ranking.

Here’s the original link: About the stats category - #2 by laye

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Would like to suggest that quantity is a false indicator when it comes to usefulness - be it for improving OpenStreetMap or for perfecting Mapillary’s algorithms ; what -after several years and contributing hundreds of thousands of images- seems most important is :
1/ ‘novelty’ (which is used here in the meaning of documenting ways which were not yet available, or ways where there have been considerable changes since that way was last pictured) and
2/ ‘quality’ (‘something may be better than nothing’, but a series with perfectly exposed clouds and very dark traffic signs doesn’t seem all that useful , nor do unsharp photos convey much usable information … at least not from the point of view of improving OSM).

Well, that’s my tuppence,
met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’),

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Agreed. Kartaview already does this sort of things. Rather than rank contributors by no of images submitted, they give you points based on usefulness of the images, i.e. if you add images for roads not mapped before you get more points.

In terms of quality of the images, it’s up to Mapilllary to discard all those images which are deemed not useful (i.e. blurred or underexposed pictures due to sun directly in the frame). You cannot expect contributors to simply start capturing only when the sun is behind you and stop when it’s in front of you, especially when you’re driving around town and turning left and right all the time).

Mapillary can still rank users by image count even if they count only those which they seemed useful for OSM. That would still be fine.

Let’s see what they say or do in this regard. I’d be fine either way.


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