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Discuss Mapillary stats and leaderboards.

Would it be possible to extend or provide a user-selectable range of rankings in the leaderboard? At the moment, you can only see the Top 50 of Worldwide or in each country. Since I started using Mapillary, I’ve uploaded images for 3 different countries and I’m in Top 50 of 2 of those and somewhere way down for the 3rd country.

Likewise, globally, I know I will never reach the likes of @JBTheMilker or @kaartcam but I would like to be able to find out where I rank both in the global standing (for those of us who are wayyyyyyyyyy below the 1M images) and also per country basis, if I don’t make it to the Top 50.

I think it’s a good incentive for users to know where we stand and what the next target we need to achieve is in order for us to go up the ranking.

Back when Panoramio was still doing collecting pictures for Google Earth they kept the stats right down to the bottom.
Better that way, I agree.
Not everyone is in the too 50.