Leaderboard Questions

How does the Leaderboard calculate contributions? If I specify a particular city, does it only show the images that are inside the city limits, or does it include the surrounding area? Example: I contributed at least a few hundred images in and around Colville, Washington. Yet when I look there on the Leaderboard, I get the message “No data available”. I’ve contributed (a week ago) several thousand images in and around Walla Walla - I know several hundred, at least, were in the city limits, with many more just outside the city limits. Yet the Leaderboard shows that I have only contributed 63 images.

If the Leaderboard only shows images within the city limits, could categories for contributions by county and state be added?

And, finally, given what I’m seeing, is the Leaderboard currently broken?

I have similar concern. When I first began several months ago using my IOS mapillary app to photograph and upload, the leaderboard seemed to work well.

Now, I have a GoPro Max camera and have uploaded somewhere between 30,000-100,000 pictures using the desktop uploader. Since not using the app to upload photos, my profile page stats for upload count and distance covered have changed.

For some reason only photos taken and uploaded with the mobile mapillary app are being counted.

This does not seem to be the case for everyone, as going through the leaderboard I find other users with 360 camera uploading thousands of pictures. Apparently there stats are working. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.