Leaderboard including 360 photos

I have contributed to Colombia, with nearly 1 million photos with flat and 360 photos (with LG 360). A year ago, I got a GoPro Max, which creates 360 photos, and according to the guidelines, they should be captured like a timelapse that produces a .360 file the Mapillary uploader can process.

However, I have seen that contributing with these photos does not change the Leaderboard.

Is it something normal?

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Hmm, this should be working - do you have a link to your Mapillary profile?

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cc: @adalvit to take a look

Hi @angoca , sorry for the late answer. I think the leaderboard for Colombia for the past week and month is consistent with the numbers I see in your feed - it’s possible that when you posted the stats were just slacking behind. If you are still seeing anomalies, can you point them out to me?