Introduce yourself!


I am known as JBTHEMILKER.
I was honored this week with being the high scorer here on Mappillary. (One point seven million pictures so far)
I wrote a lengthy introduction this morning only to be told I had reached my limit of input. So I’ll try again.
I come to Mapillary from the dead Panoramio/Google Earth side. I stayed with Panoramio/Google until the very last minute. I was uploading pictures as they pulled the plug.
I enjoy taking pictures of old barns, churches, cemeteries and other landmarks. I use this mapping app to get me out to new unmapped places where I might find a fun stone bridge or an abandoned steel bridge or maybe a cemetery that Google Maps has yet to chart. My general rule has always been to only take pictures of things older than I am.
I use the “explore” feature to find places I’ve not yet covered.
For work, if you can call it that, I am what is known as a “Yoder toder”. I haul the Amish when they want to go further than their horse and buggy will take them (about 9 miles one way)
This profession takes me to some of the prettiest countryside in the U.S. you will often see horse drawn buggies in my pictures.
I love to answer questions. I’ve had several jobs where answering questions was what I did all day.
So ask me. I’ll see if I can answer.


I am Philippe, but filip is shorter.
On OSM my profile says :
“Belgium, between Antwerp and Brussels.
Interested in useful, easy and long lived things such as : drinking water fountains, toilets, bicycle parkings, life rings, 24/7 defibrillators, zebra crossings.”
I find it polite to present yourself on OSM.
On Mapillary my profile says:
“Compulsory connector.Interested in GPS.Uses Samsung S7, S5,Ricoh Theta S and seldom Nikon AW110 , Garmin VIRB XE. On OSM = philippec”

Here you see me discovering a drinking water fountain. This is no re-enactment:

My gear on the bicycle is:

  • Garmin Virb XE on a RAM mount and its remote control
  • Smartphone in an Otterbox Defender with a lanyard around my wrist
    with OSMAND showing the recorded track and the Mapillary sequences
  • An earpiece for navigation

I have tried all kinds of setups on the bike and in the car with my smartphone and action cam.
Now I am going for sharp pictures.

This is the setup on and in my car =


““Now I am going for sharp pictures.””

We all need to try for this.
In the end that is what will be seen.


Although the moniker on my posts and the picture do not look like it, this is really JBTHEMILKER.
The terribly flawed and resistant sign in and lost (I didn’t loose it, they did!) Password function requires that each time THEY good up we are required to come back with a new identity.
If you’re thinking this is less than ideal, I agree with you whole hartedly.


Hey guys! I’m new here and would like to introduce myself. I’m KG and I’m from Germany. I discovered Mapillary recently on a Reddit discussion on openstreetmap so I checked it out and I like the idea a lot! Especially since Google’s Street View is only available in a few cities in my country. I love both seeing places I visited but also new spots around me. And I also want to contribute, so I’ve taken my phone and uploaded my first 12,000 images already! And now I’ve grabbed a 360 cam from some old Amazon gift cards I had laying around and took my first 360 photos now, too!

Here’s me on foot on a road that has been closed a couple of years ago because it’s been rebuilt as a bridge (which you see on some of the photos). Now the road that used to be highly used is just abandoned, and I love how the nature claims back its space inch by inch. Also brought some doggos for scale :stuck_out_tongue: .

Besides me walking around I’ve also took a lot images while driving.

Cameras I use for recording:

  • LG 360 Cam (for 360° images while walking)
  • iTracker GS6000-A7 (for capturing from the windshield while drving)
  • Galaxy S7 Edge (for various purposes, e.g. recording from the rear/side while driving, or when walking around without my 360 cam)
  • LG G6 (same purposes as the S7 Edge)