[issue] Disappearing Green/Blue dots of single images on the map on zoom+

Not sure if it’s bug or feature, but when I explore map and see a few single green or blue dots of individual images (not sequences) in some remote area, such as Namibia in Africa, and start zooming in the map, these dots disappear and only appear back when I zoom-in to the maximum. The other images in sequences (as green lines) are visible on any zoom level. This is very inconvenient because I lost the location when dots disappear and then it’s impossible to find exact place on map at maximum zoom level.

So, basically Mapillary now is not suitable for exploring scenic locations in remote areas as all of them are single images and disappear on zooming in.

Just compare the same map with different zoom levels:

To reproduce the issue:

Blue dots of single images are visible on the map.

Blue and green dots of single images disappear after zooming it in a bit. Only green lines of sequenced tracks are visible now.

Thanks for your message @coronaviking. This is a specific case you’ve mentioned. These dots will appear on higher zoom again. This caused by the different meaning of those dots. So that’s a planned feature, which looks like an issue in this case :sweat_smile:

Need some time to think about possible workarounds and benefits.

BR, Yaro.

This feature makes Mapillary useless for searching of scenic spots as they disappear on zooming in and after that it’s impossible to find the exact location because even when I don’t move mouse and scroll zoom more in, it zooms so inaccurately and brings me to a wrong area on the map several kilometers away from the point.