Shooting direction

I took a photo from the carriage, pointed in the direction of shooting “to the right”. But when I unloaded, I saw that the direction was straight.

  1. how do I shoot sideways so that it detects it correctly?
  2. how to change the direction of shooting already uploaded photos?


Orientation seems to be correct on you pictures if you click on the track.

Note, that Mapillary currently mixes metadata direction (GPSImgDirection) and reconstructed direction. Having said that, a Mapillary API query on your sequences gives the direction stored in the metadata (which seems to be normalized), while a query on any image specifically gives the reconstructed direction (or a value from the proprietary Mapillary metadata). If you are only using the Mapillary app to capture imagery then there is not much you can do (on the phone), unless you want to fiddle around with a dozen or so apps to edit Exif metadata on the phone (not recommended). Then there is also the fact that the Mapillary app adds another layer of metadata to images besides Exif, a Mapillary proprietary set of metadata. This proprietary metadata also contains image direction. AFAIK, if you set an image direction offset in the app then that offset is only applied to the proprietary metadata and not also to the Exif metadata. Because the backend favors the proprietary metadata over Exif, this discrepancy in metadata basically does not matter. Indeed, this whole situation is not nice and confusing. I have reported this issue of mixing metadata and reconstructed data to Mapillary over a year ago but nothing has happend. Let’s just hope for the best. :crossed_fingers:

  1. how to change the direction of shooting already uploaded photos?

You can do this in the web viewer by clicking on the ellipsis “…” icon, “Editing”, and then on “Edit current sequence”. Note, that changing direction this way will only change the image direction reported in Mapillary API queries on specific images, not sequence queries. However, it should or may trigger reconstruction and thus may also change navigation in space.

Orientation seems to be correct on you pictures if you click on the track.

@moenk FYI: Orientation in this context denotes if an image was taken in landscape or portrait orientation. What you are probably talking about is direction.

Direction, correct mate, also I agree on the assumed behaviour of the backend. The docs only mention lon/lat/timestamp in the proprietary tags, but there seems to be more. And even more these tags seem to be the preference.

I found the app to be very inconsistent and downright wrong when it comes to image direction, in both compass and even software-choice (!) scenarios, since at least 2018.
my numerous emails to the support team failed to uncover the root cause, and the only option that seems to work when capturing using the app is using the interpolation from heading option (also buggy but not as much)

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