Incorrect camera pointing direction, even when locking it

Hello, I have this issue where, even when I set in the Android app that I capture the images at the front of the car, Mapillary doesn’t show them as if they were taken at the front, it thinks that I took these images pointing at the left of the car. It leads to incorrect SfM, confusing arrows (the one on the bottom of the images to navigate) and a point cloud impossible to be done.
The camera pointing direction isn’t set by the device’s compass, but rather locked being straight ahead
Example : Mapillary

I also have strange behaviors with camera direction. At acquisition time, I ask the Mapillary app (Android) to display coordinates. It is always showing 360.0. After upload, when flying over the picture, the blue icon is systematically pointing to the North. But when selecting a picture, the orange icon is correctly pointing along the track.

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Really been 7 days without a single reply from the team?
That will help the app grows fast :clap:

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It’s really ungrateful of them, because they answered to almost every topic, but not mine, even though someone said they had the same issue as me

I also mentioned this yesterday on Telegram. No answer.

You can see at capture that direction is locked to 360.0.

Out of curiosity is this using an external camera and not the actual device for image capture? It may be that the external device (like a GoPro) does not have a compass to set the correct angle.

No it’s with my phone (Google Pixel 4a), and I don’t think there is anything to do with compass, beer I have locked the orientation to “Front of the car”

OK - I am an IOS user. Does the compass need calibration at all?

Normally yes, I don’t see why iOS users wouldn’t have to

As I say, I dont actually use the app but have experience with GoPros not showing correct orientation. It may be completely unrelated. Does the problem persist? Is it still incorrect months after uploading - it may be part of a ingestion issue that gets corrected at some time post initial upload.