Is Mapillary discontinued?

Why don’t we hear anything from Mapillary about whats happening. No uploaded images get published for weeks now. Don’t you want any more images? Please, if any staff is reading this forum, tell us what’s happening. :frowning:

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If they told us, we would not understand.
If they understood, it would be solved already.


Thank you for the information. It would have bin even better if you had told us sooner. But better late than never :slight_smile:

Quo usque tandem, Mapillary, abutere patientia nostra?

Sorry for the delayed processing times. We’re making platform upgrades that we hope to complete soon.
Thanks for your patience. We’re almost there!

There seemed to be an issue with the link.
Try here: Mapillary Platform Upgrades - Image processing delays

Please update as soon as possible !