Odd Behavior during Uploading

I noticed some odd behavior of the during the uploading process. I uploaded about 200 pictures via the desktop uploader and it appeared to work fine (did not crash). Nothing showed up in my feed or upload process in the past day (I only uploaded it yesterday morning around 10:45.) However, my upload bar on the mapillary app gives me an updated pictures uploaded count. When I am able to navigate in my already uploaded pictures and move in a direction that I newly uploaded, I end up traveling along ‘ghost’ nodes. The pictures are already visible on OSM but not on the mapillary app which seems weird. Not necessarily a bug, but if anyone else is experiencing this, I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Duplicate of Missing parts of the sequences.

@IanVG Usually, just give it some time, a few weeks should suffice. If it persists after that then you can complain. :wink: Note that Mapillary is not as responsive as OpenStreetMap or YouTube. Processing happens in parallel in geographic tiles on multiple levels. So, some things get completed earlier, some later. Eventually, everything falls into place.

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@GITNE Okay! Gotcha, thanks for the reminder for patience :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that any more.

I still have several sequences which are visible on OpenStreetMap but still ‘hidden’ on Mapillary (after more than 6 months waiting)