Web Uploader Not Uploading New Images -- ? BROKEN?

I’m trying to upload some new images via web browser. It’s telling me that they’re dupes. Some may be. But most of the folders are fresh, brand new.

Has the criteria for judging images to be new been changed? Something else going on?

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This morning I’m looking at some photos from a trip last month. There are photos right now for the right facing camera that the uploader is claiming were already uploaded.

They do not show up on the map.

How do I determine if they were.

Is there a different way I can confirm that they were already uploaded? Or is the web uploader broke?


Cant imagine it being related, but note that Mapillary Tools just got updated to 0.6.0 with Python 3 support. Think that also affects the desktop uploader, but probably not the web one. I am thinking that maybe back end server changes were made to accommodate the tools upgrade.

A guess of co-incidence of course!

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have the same
upload via browser is complaining its double. but cant see them on map


Same here. I’ve uploaded more than 1.000 images at once via web-uploader (approx. 1.600 pics - how dare I???) and they never showed up on the map.
They are not displayed at the upload queue either.
If I try to upload them again, I get the error: ‘The following images are already uploaded to Mapillary’.
It seems like the pics are somewhere in the system, since they are being detecetd as duplicates, as far as I understand the above error message.
Support didn’t write back yet. I’m waiting for an answer since March, 7th.
Does anybody have a workaround for this??? Can I somehow edit the metadata of the images, so they won’t be marked as duplicates? Need to upload those pics asap… help, please!

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Try to open this place in osm ID editor (and swith on the mapillary layer). Your photos should be visible as separate points not connected with sequence line.

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Thanks, master! This is working, but it’s not a useable solution, unfortunately.
At least I now do know that the pictures have been uploaded.
How to make them appear in mapillary? I’m trying to upload them again, changing some meta-data, but had no luck yet. Any hints on that?

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Im trying to get support attention about this problem for some time, but no luck with any solution. Thats only working way to see that invisible parts of sequences. I hope some day there will be some kind of re-render of all sequences and they will show up.
I dont have any way to delete the sequence (not possible to edit it). I managed to upload again missing photos, but only when I deleted all exif data, converted pictures for different res, and resuplied coordinates from alternative gpx track recorded independently :slight_smile: Lots of work and not worth it for me.

Whats bothering me is what was characteristic in your photos, that they were not uploaded normally (lots or all of them). In my case these are only short parts (few hundred photos). Interesting what is triggering this behaviour…

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Sounds bad to me. How can we get the mapillary support to react?
I can’t edit or delete those sequences either, since they don’t even show up in the feed/upload side panel.
The workaround is not doable for me, since I don’t have a secondary gpx-track.
Anyway, thanks for describing that workaround, master!

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It’s really strange. I mean, this is a major problem and the support doesn’t react at all!? For me this is an absolute show-stoper.
How can we rise awareness at mapillary considering this issue?
Does somebody know about an alternative 360°-viewer?