Can I upload the same pictures twice?

I am now waiting 5 days for a sign of life of my uploaded spheric pictures.
Could it hurt to upload them again ?

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I was curious to see if I could see anything that may be what you’re refering to. I didn’t look any further once I saw that you have a time machine!

Was it one of these two? Note the year of the photos.

I never looked at the year, I saw only that those two upload pictures remained there.

No, it has nothing to do with those two.

In Chrome, hat tile on zoomlevel 15 just keeps refusing to render.
But I don’t think rendering is the problem.
In IE it renders well.

I don’t mean to hijack the problem you’re encountering. It sounds like it may be browser related and at that related to the version of the browser.

That said, I’m more concerned about those dates on those images. I’m not sure why Mapillary accepts future dates. More so, I’m not sure how you’re getting something with future dates on your end. GPS is really just a fancy clock. Any computers making use of it should be pretty accurate, maybe minus an issue with getting the time zone correct, with the date and time.

Anyway, as for the browser problem have you tossed up a thread for it over at Github? That seems to get the developers attention better.

Polyglot even had the date 50.000.
I don’t care any more. Too much is wrong or not ideal.

That is correct. The forum is the best place for community discussions, while issues and bugs should be reported either on GitHub or

Going back to the original question opening this topic - @filipc have you got the photos on your profile by now? Do you see anything “Pending” at the top of your feed?
That took some time. 10 days ? for the 360s to appear.
The quality pictures (not the actioncam) are not visible yet. But there might have been a problem with the upload.
It was a special assignment for the owner of the fishing club, who was not happy that Google Streetview does not reach up to him.

There you see, my bookmarklet comes in handy.

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