Web uploader review doesn't work?

Its a month or more since when Im uploading pictures through web uploader, they are not showing on the map for review. Everything else is working, and I can hit upload and publish button, and Im doing it, but its annoying that I cannot see and check last time if Im publishing good referenced photos.
The screen is showing just max zoomed out map of continents…

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You should be able to zoom in.
The issue is known, read the blog.

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Unfortunately even as I zoom in manually the pictures dont show up. Just blank map.

I’ve been having issues with the uploader not working in Chrome. Edge seems to be better, but the image preview screen in the corner only works for those without gps data in the exif, simply clicking on a positioned image dot doesnt bring it up

I dont even get the positions. There is only information about number of uploaded pictures and blank map.

mine take a bit to show up. Is it the same regardless of quantity/connection speed?
Have you tried a different browser?

the connection is really good. and I tried it in two places on two computers (mac and pc). Also tried different browsers and nothing.

sounds like an email to support is in order

I have the same issue and found a workaround (and contacted the support).
It seems to be related to some information stored in the browser session, so I found two workarounds:

  • use a « private session » in your browser
  • on the uploader page, fire a browser console with (Ctrl+Shift+K) and type localStorage.clear() and hit enter. You’ll then need to log in again and it will work (for some time).

Just logging out does not seem to solve the issue for me.

Please share if it works for you, I’ll notify the support about this thread.


Yep, can confirm this seems to work in chrome to show image nodes on the map.
Previews are still broken though

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Yes! also with Opera private session is working. Thanks! It helps alot!!!

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For what it’s worth, found that the max possible upload speed is achieved (this for windows 10 home) by restarting the computer -takes only a couple of minutes- then opening Firefox, and picking the " Mapillary Uploader for Desktop " bookmark; gets photos uploaded at the max. possible speed of 1GB/hr - well, that’s between midnight and like 8 in the morning.

Clearing the local storage works for me. Thanks a lot

I tried that, didn’t work. I now go to “private mode” in my browser (removed the last hour… will try to remove all ‘offline items’). There is something that keeps around somehow…

this still appears to be absolutely broken for me in chrome and edge chromium, but (mostly) works in the old Edge