Can't upload sequence using scripts tools

Trying to upload several photos of a sequence, using the mapillary_tools from github.

I see that if I only upload the photos, no error occur, but the photos don’t appear in my account (waited for more than 48 hours)!
But, If after I upload the photos and enter on, the photos of sequence shows here, with a button to publish the sequence. If I do this, the sequence appear after some hours.

But the server is the worst server I have see! 95% of time I enter, I receive response error (504) when the browser request the upload status.

Trying to publish a sequence for more than 3 days… :frowning_face:

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Hi @projevias_rco - could you please email us with this information at for troubleshooting this problem? Please also mention which script(s) exactly were you using, and include a few of the images as a sample. Thanks!

I already posted a issue on github.

If you still need that I send a email with more details, just tell me! :smiley:


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